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Erik Moll

Erik Moll

Go-to-Market Manager - Americas

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Team Up with SoftwareONE: Teams Communications
  • 11 december 2019
  • Erik Moll
  • Publisher Advisory, User Productivity
  • Microsoft, Teams, Office 365

Team Up with SoftwareONE: Microsoft’s Teams Communications

Read our step by step guide for being more effective and productive in Teams, and using Teams rather than email when you need an instant response to urgent matters.

Team up with SoftwareONE
  • 04 juli 2019
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity, Unified Communications
  • Teams, Modern Workplace, OneDrive, Team-Up

Team Up with SoftwareONE: Managing Tabs within Teams

In the fourth part of our Team Up with SoftwareONE blog series our expert Erik Moll provides practical and employee friendly tips on how to work more efficiently by using tabs within Teams to organize your business productivity apps.

Team Up with SoftwareONE: How to aggregate document libraries in Windows File Explorer
  • 25 april 2019
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity
  • Office 365, Teams, Microsoft

Team up with SoftwareONE: File Explorer

Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint, we are using a great variety of tools that make collaboration and our work life a lot easier. Despite all the benefits it can be quite challenging to keep the overview of all documents…

Team Up with SoftwareONE: Co-authoring Made Easy with Microsoft Teams
  • 24 april 2019
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity
  • Office 365, OneDrive, Teams, Microsoft, Team-Up

Team Up with SoftwareONE: Co-Authoring the Easy Way

Teamwork makes the dream work. But not without the right tools and features. In the second part of our new series "Team Up with SoftwareONE" our expert Erik Moll explains how to efficiently collaborate on a document with multiple people…

  • 26 juni 2018
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity, Unified Communications
  • Firstline Worker, Tips, Future Office

Particular Problems of Firstline Workers – And How Microsoft Solves Them

Firstline Workers account for three quarters of all staff members. And so far their needs have been swept under the carpet of digitization. Microsoft knows how to bring Firstline Workers back into the company fold – and how they can adopt…

  • 07 juni 2018
  • Erik Moll
  • Unified Communications, User Productivity, Publisher Advisory
  • Office 2019

MS Office 2019: No More OneNote

There won’t be an OneNote app for Office2019. Also any further development for Office 2016 OneNote will be discontinued. Read why.

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