Maximize the Value of Your Software Estate

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Maximize the Value of Your Software Estate

Maximize the Value of Your Software Estate

A typical company will spend 20% of their IT budget on software. Software is one of those assets that is not as tangible as a hardware asset. Think about it, if your company buys a bunch of servers and laptops, there is a very methodical process to evaluating the best upfront options to purchase. And once those servers and laptops are purchased, you will tag, track, and monitor their lifecycle to help you determine when to upgrade them.

Manage Your Software Entitlements and Monitor Your Software Consumption

If this same methodology is used for software, organizations can save significant spend on software. Enter SoftwareONE’s proprietary PyraCloud platform.

As the leading global provider in Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) services, we help you maximize the value of your total software estate through a complete end-to-end lifecycle methodology, with PyraCloud being the platform that brings the SLM methodology to life.

PyraCloud provides the capability to procure software at the best value, while supporting the ongoing management of those entitlements as well as monitoring the consumption of those assets amongst your end users.

The combination of our Software Lifecycle Management services and PyraCloud can help organizations save anywhere between thousands to millions of dollars on software spend. Be strategic with your software spend. Don’t just keep the lights on.

Current Situation: On-premise and Cloud

Let’s look at the current situation: More and more companies are starting to take advantage of the benefits the cloud can offer. As we discussed before, just like a software asset is more difficult to conceptualize than a hardware asset, a cloud resource is an “intangible asset”. The cloud resource can be consumed on a pay-as-you-grow and paying on a monthly basis. The small monthly bills might not be that much, but when you step back and look at the total bill, it might be way over budget. We believe that software assets, both on-premises and in the cloud, need to be managed as a tangible asset.

Cloud Consumption Analytics for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Amazon Web Services

PyraCloud empowers organizations to maximize the value of all software assets – on-premise and in the cloud. With feature rich solutions to manage cloud spend in addition to on-premises software management capabilities, PyraCloud is equipped with consumption analytics for Azure, Office 365, Adobe and AWS. It enables you to deploy a consistent tagging methodology across multiple cloud providers, set budgets and track usage and spend against those budgets. You can split the cost of shared cloud resources across departments and setup internal chargebacks to the departments or projects using those cloud resources. If you are using Azure, Office 365, Adobe and AWS and want a view of consumption to manage the overall budgets, spend and forecasts, the PyraCloud platform is your solution.

PyraCloud Cloud Dashboard, source: SoftwareONE

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Know you know how to maximize your value with our SLM services and PyraCloud. But there's more. Discover all benefits and features PyraCloud has to offer. 

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