Meet our new Global Head of Digital Transformation

Global Head of Digital Transformation
Awarded Top Honors by HITEC

Global Head of Digital Transformation at SoftwareONE Awarded Top Honors by HITEC

We are on a Mission: Empowering Our Customers to Transform

As SoftwareONE continues to drive explosive growth across the global markets, Digital Transformation (DX) is at the core of their innovation and growth strategy. SoftwareONE is uniquely positioned to bring together people with the right customer experiences by leveraging technology to provide strong digital business models that yield the right business outcomes. We transform cost centers into profit centers, and profit centers into innovation centers for our customers – empowering companies to stay at the nexus of value engineering and value ingenuity with cutting-edge outcomes that allows our clients to grow their business and focus on what matters most to them – their customers!

Here to Support You with Awarded DX Expertise

We recently sat down with Dr. Arlene Espinal (AE) – Global Head of Digital Transformation at SoftwareONE – to learn more about what it means to be awarded a top honor in the technology industry and how she is working to bring vision to reality at a global, leading platform, solution and services provider. You can find our full conversation below. 

What is your background – and how did you get started in the technology industry?

AE: I am a true technologist and digital engineer by profession and began my career in the IT industry nearly 20 years ago. I was formally trained in cutting-edge technology and intelligence operations by the U.S. Navy and from there grew into other areas of the profession. My background spans across core IT, IT security, IT engineering, DevOps, Data Science, and Strategic Integrations. In the latter half of my career, I’ve taken more of a strategic and visionary role in my engagements to connect the intricate pieces of technology to human-centered design and digital scalability. I’ve worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies across various industries advising them on innovation, business intelligence, and digital transformation to help drive their growth strategies and productize their innovation cycles for stronger business outcomes.

What is your role at SoftwareONE and when did you start with the company?

AE: My role at SoftwareONE is the global head of digital transformation. I built the Digital Transformation (DX) Advisory practice and I am responsible for developing the products and hybrid technologies needed to provide our customers with a digital ecosystem to help drive their business. My role provides enterprise consultancy to organizations who want to drive business outcomes by leveraging technology, strategy and processes with custom-built solutions. The goal is to give our customers results that matter and also build SoftwareONE’s next generation portfolio of DX services. I started with the company earlier this year, and it’s been an amazing ride so far.

What was it that attracted you to starting a digital transformation practice at SoftwareONE?

AE: What attracted me most to the DX practice at SoftwareONE was that one did not exist. As an expert in my field and as a practitioner, the intrigue was in creating and architecting something out of nothing and building a successful practice that resonates with our customers, the industry, and our future vision.  

What does the HITEC award mean to you?

You were recently recognized as the 100 most influential Hispanics in technology by the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council (HITEC) – Congratulations!

How important is it to you that we celebrate women in technology (WiT) and what does it mean to you to be nominated as a most influential and notable Hispanic professional in the technology industry?

AE: The HITEC award is extremely meaningful to me, and in a sense, is the culmination of 20 years of expertise highlighted amongst the industry and my peers. It represents the core of why I do what I do in my field. As a Latina technology leader, I am able to reinvent technology synergies and create forward thinking paradigm shifts where industries and society continue to leverage technology and transformational design to deliver innovative solutions to our most common workplace and life problems. It represents the glass ceiling shattering where women are valuable thought-leaders in the industry with deep expertise cultivated through their sweat equity in their respective fields. For me, as a practitioner and Doctor in my field, it represents the equality of hard work, commitment, integrity, courage and humility. It’s certainly a message we want our daughters to hear! It is vitally important in my opinion to continue to diversify our industries with thought-leadership and challenge the status-quo for women in technology. To be nominated as one of the most influential and notable Hispanic professionals in the technology industry is both an honor and a humbling experience. It is also amazing to be a woman in the field and pave the way for others. It’s a reminder of how far women have come in our society and also a reminder of my predecessors which have been brilliant minds, who’ve also happen to be women. “To she that much is given, much is required” – and in principle, it’s a reminder for me to push-up and pull-up other women and all colleagues alike in this field that deserve recognition for their contributions and are eager for professional growth, and I’m committed to do just that!

How will you take this award and leverage its meaning to the work you are doing at SoftwareONE?

AE: I hope to be able to take the award and leverage it by representing our core values internally to one another, and externally to our clients. Employee Satisfaction, Customer Focus, Speed, Passion, Integrity, Humility and Discipline have been the pillars that have spoken the loudest in my career and happen to be our seven core values. I hope to be an inspiration and servant leader in continuing to drive meaningful engagements, with all that I do at SoftwareONE.

Are you familiar with Women in Technology (WiT) @ SoftwareONE and how can you help us to build out that program?

AE: I am very familiar with WiT and have been a member of it for many years in my career. I would love to partner with our WiT team and leverage a DX Summit or panel event where we showcase the power of Digital by SoftwareONE (DX1, by SoftwareONE), and interact with our network partners and customer relationships to share insights, best practices and ensure we are building solutions that matter in the market. That would be my “happy place,” and I look forward to help making it happen! 

Do you have a mentor and has that been key to your career progression?

AE: Yes, I absolutely do have a mentor that has been critical to my career growth! I could not be where I am today, without him. I’m a firm believer in Mentoring and Coaching for strong talent development, retention and succession planning – which is critical to personal, professional and organizational development. It provides the sound guidance we all need most times.

If you had advice to give to your younger self in terms of career what would it be?

“It’s okay to fail! It will make you your best self.” #BeYourBestSelf

Dr. Arlene Espinal (AE), Global Head of Digital Transformation at SoftwareONE

Speaking of hash tags, do you have any specific media types you prefer, e.g. podcasts, videos, social media channels?

AE: I am a digital player so for me all channels for communication that give us quick scalability is always best. Bring on all of it - videos, podcasts, blogs, and many more! 

Will there be a chance for our followers to meet you in person?

AE: I really hope so! For me, it is so important to connect in-person and collaborate across our teams, partner engagements and customers. Our DX North American team is working on getting a DX summit/event together where we’ll hope to showcase our offerings regionally, network with partners, customers and the industry with panel discussions on Digital Transformation. I will lead the forum and hope to have guest speakers from across different industries share their insights and what they’d like to get out of a Digital Transformation journey. So far, there are a few ideas we are still working on – think of it as a Ted Talk but instead DX1 by SoftwareONE. Once we launch in North America, I hope to bring the same type of events globally across the markets. It’s very exciting – we’ll see what 2020 has in store for us. 

Where do you see the Digital Transformation practice today and in 3 – 5 years at SoftwareONE?

What are your goals in the near and longer-term future for both the digital transformation practice area and your role in general?

AE: Today, the practice has taken off much quicker than anyone could have guessed. The journey has been extremely rewarding. As I architected our DX advisory, I truly began to see the strength and community across our SoftwareONE teams. There is a deep desire across our company to be able to provide this service to our customers and to understand what this new wave of Digitization will mean for our business as we continue to grow.  Ideally, in the next 3 – 5 years my goal is to have grown the practice globally, to mature our Advisory practice and to be a leader amongst the Big 4 – make that Big 5 with SoftwareONE – in the DX space. Regarding my future role I would say – Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or Chief Transformation Officer (CXO) at the C Suite – focused on creating digital value streams and DX value distribution in everything we do – transforming by design focused on the customer experience – internally and externally. The future will be interesting!

We look forward to seeing all of that – and much more – happen for both SoftwareONE, Dr. Espinal and our customers. Congrats again on the amazing recognition from HITEC

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