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Enhancements to the

PyraCloud Software Licensing Management Module

Enhancements to the PyraCloud Software Licensing Management Module

We are very excited to announce the latest enhancements to our PyraCloud platform.

The development team here at SoftwareONE has been working extremely hard to add new features and functionality to our Software Licensing Management module to make it easier for customers to govern and manage their on-premises and cloud software portfolios.

New capabilities include Renewal Manager, EA True-up as well as customizable dashboards with a new micro service for notifications and alerts.

PyraCloud’s Renewal Manager

Renewal Manager enables customers to plan, govern and manage upcoming software and maintenance renewals on a continuous basis. The feature allows customers to manage renewals based on end dates, so they can prioritize renewals most critical to their business needs. Additionally, Renewal Manager provides details around what products or groups of products are included within the contract. By helping customers proactively manage software renewals, PyraCloud puts them in a better position to negotiate at the time of renewals based on their specific business requirements.

renewal manager
PyraCloud's Renewal Manager, source: SoftwareONE

Renewal Manager is tightly coupled with our managed services so if customers need help with the end-to-end management of procurement or would like to optimize tail end spend and identify cost savings then reach out to us to learn more.

PyraCloud’s EA True-up

The EA True-up capability in PyraCloud enables customers to globally collaborate and improve internal collection and reporting of products associated with their Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA). The EA True-up capability simplifies the True-up process by establishing the organizational and reporting structure, enabling business units to report on their utilization and enabling global administrators to optimize and report back on utilization across the organization.

The PyraCloud EA True-up capability has three main aspects:

  • EA Wizard Setup – Simplify the process of capturing a customer’s EA agreement and the associated information as products and the associated products for the EA agreement.
  • EA Asset Allocation – Simplify the process of allocating product quantities under the EA for each business unit.
  • EA Reporting – Simplify the process for users and admins to report on how the EA products are being used across the organization.
EA True
PyraCloud's EA True-up, source: SoftwareONE

PyraCloud’s Customizable Dashboards

The PyraCloud Dashboards display critical information from a variety of sources in real time. The dashboards provide a snapshot of the most relevant information allowing users to make informed decisions within their business.

PyraCloud offers Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Dashboards for the following functions:

  • Finance Dashboard – real-time view of software spend, overall consumption against budget, quote and order history and outstanding invoices.
  • Software Assets Dashboard – insights into software entitlements, contracts and software asset
  • Cloud Dashboard – high-level consolidated view of cloud consumption for Azure, AWS, O365 and Adobe.
  • Procurement Dashboard – real-time view into quotes, software orders, invoices, global contracts, software spend and quick access to global catalogs.
main dashboard
PyraCloud's Customizable Dashbaords, source: SoftwareONE

These dashboards are pre-configured by SoftwareONE OOTB so it is easy for non-technical users to easily access and understand the data relevant to them. The dashboards can easily be customized to suit a number of other functions.

There is also a Blank Dashboard option where users can create a customized dashboard with the information relevant to them.

PyraCloud’s Notification Hub

The PyraCloud Notification Hub is a new micro-service that allows users to create, edit and manage their notifications for all active features within PyraCloud. Users can also gain direct access to their SoftwareONE Account Team in app through the Notification Hub.

Users will have the ability to customize notifications based on numerous criteria such as:

  • Agreements
  • Invoices
  • Orders
  • Quotes
  • SPLA
  • Price Request
  • Credit Memo
  • Shipment
  • Tag and Resource Manager
  • Budget Manager

notification hub
PyraCloud's Notification Hub, source: SoftwareONE

Discover the Power of PyraCloud

If you would like to know more details about any of our new features or you would like a demo please you’ll find all details on our PyraCloud page.

Get all facts about PyraCloud
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