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The tech world is such a rapidly developing field that it June sometimes be hard to stay up to date. With our monthly IT insights, you’ll stay in the know. Read about the latest vendor news and trending topics.

Driving Efficient Workflows with Connected Data
  • 30 juni 2022
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Construction Cloud, MTWO Construction Cloud
  • construction, Cloud, Technology, MTWO, Data

Driving Efficient Workflows with Connected Data

Workflow management is often a source of frustration for AEC firms. The good news is that technology, particularly connected technologies, can help ease this frustration.

FinOps by SoftwareONE
  • 27 juni 2022
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • FinOps
  • Cloud, Cloud Spend Management, Cloud Financial Management, Container

The Importance of Effective Container Management

Containerization is fast becoming a common option for deploying and managing software and a key part of cloud strategy for many organizations. We review the key considerations of containerization and why effective management will set you on…

The environmental imperative – The role of FinOps
  • 13 juni 2022
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Cloud Spend Management, FinOps
  • Cloud, Cloud Cost Optimization, Cloud Financial Management

The Environmental Imperative – The Role of FinOps

By making the most efficient use of your cloud infrastructure with the help of a robust FinOps framework, you can both control costs and improve your environmental performance.

How to Prepare Your Business for a Successful Digital Transformation
  • 01 juni 2022
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Construction Cloud
  • construction, Digital Transformation, Cloud, Technology

How to Prepare Your Business for a Successful Digital Transformation

Contractors must embrace technological advances and digitally transform their businesses now if they want sustainable growth in the future.

Useful Resources to Improve Accessibility & Digital Inclusion
  • 18 mai 2022
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Digital Inclusion, Accessibility

How to be More Digitally Inclusive

A billion people have disabilities. How can you make work more accessible and digitally inclusive for all? This useful list of resources will help.

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Every week, we analyze the latest IT trends and industry-relevant novelties, to keep you updated and on the cutting edge of technology. Moreover we offer you a number of tutorials, facts as well as tips and tricks on current tools.
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