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Cyber Security Update

Cyber Security Update - October 2019

SoftwareONE believes there is a need for a breakthrough in cyber-security. We believe that more companies should invest in a proper security strategy and keep themselves updated about new malware, ransomware, and other threats at any time. With our brand-new Cyber Threat Bulletin SoftwareONE provides a monthly update on recent threats, the latest breaches, and how to react to them.

Stay Ahead Of Cyber Threats: New Cyber Threat Bulletin

You never leave home without ensuring all doors and windows are locked and all potentially dangerous electronic devices are safely switched off.

Now imagine your digital business is a home – with all windows and doors wide open, inviting intruders and cyber criminals in to place their virus, spyware, malware, and everything else in your home. Keeping your ‘business home’ safe requires you as a Security Manager to always be aware and on guard. It’s a tough job and a great responsibility to always stay on top of all the new breaches, threats and vulnerabilities that can cause tremendous damage.

Criminal cyber-activities come in many shapes and forms and they have one goal: to attack your systems. Leaving you and your organization with financial damages and reputational loss. This is what recently happened with thousands of PCs in the U.S. and Europe. Attackers used the Node.js framework and WinDivert packet capture utility to turn infected machines into proxies for malicious behavior. Once the malware was completely installed on the system, hackers could easily gather personal data and company information which was then sold to third-party sources.

This information included browsing history, passwords, client profiles and other sensitive data. To make sure you don’t tap into that malware do not ever run ‘HTA’ extension files found on your systems. It’s crucial to educate any employee using different devices to never run files they don’t remember the origin or download source of. Last but not least, enable application control to always be engaged.

Malware can be hidden everywhere and hackers have become quite proficient at camouflaging their activities. Google reported for September a total of 172 malicious apps in its store that were downloaded and installed more than 335 million times (!!!).

Plan your security strategy with inside information and action items on the latest threats and breaches

Prevention is the key and starts with well-informed employees knowing about the latest threats and breaches. A well-planned security strategy is just the beginning and we are here to help you on your way.

Held every October, National Cyber-Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is a collaborative effort between government and industry worldwide to raise awareness about the importance of cyber-security and to ensure that everyone has the resources they need to be safe and secure online. SoftwareONE strongly believes in the power of a comprehensive security strategy starting with a regular cadence of information and education. This month, you will see us sharing detailed insights and knowledge on different security topics. We already kicked off NCSAM with a recent post on being secure on the super-highway to enterprise collaboration.

Get your Cyber Threat Bulletin!

Join us this month and read our latest Cyber Threat Bulletin to find out more about the latest cyber-threats, attacks, and harm and how to prevent them from happening to your company.

Download our October edition and be well-informed with key information and a list of activities to help you close security gaps.

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Bala Sathunathan

Bala Sethunathan

Director, Security Practice & CISO


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