Show Your Chief Procurement Officer The Love This Valentine's Day

Show Your Chief Procurement Officer

The Love This Valentine's Day

Show Your Chief Procurement Officer The Love This Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day show your Chief Procurement Officer the love (appropriately of course) – not just with thank you flowers, candy and cards – but also with enhanced visibility and understanding into the spend and usage of software across the entire software estate.

Nearly two years ago, CPOs felt analytics were the driver to effective change management in the procurement process and today, analytics is still the front runner, listed by over half of respondents to have the most impact on the business in the next two years (this is down slightly from 65% but still the leading indicator).

Further, business planning, strategy development (including spend analytics and research) was listed as the most likely to be impacted by technology in the next five years. (Source: Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2018)

SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud platform along with its Software Asset Management (SAM) managed services provides CPOs with the analytics and visibility it needs to streamline the overall procurement process from requirement to retirement. We do this through various solutions and we highlight five you can let your CPO know about today.

5 Solutions Your CPO Should Know

#1 - Procurement Workbench

The latest enhancement to PyraCloud and one your CPO is sure to be excited about this Valentine’s Day is the Procurement Workbench. CPOs are typically tasked with reducing costs – both Capex and Opex – but often have to dig through various spreadsheets, systems and databases to reconcile everything. The Procurement Workbench will provide CPOs via PyraCloud a single view into all aspects of software and cloud resource purchasing.

#2 - Quotes, Orders & Invoices

PyraCloud provides a centralized view of all quotes, order and invoices across any software purchased via PyraCloud – for those procured through a different system the information can be imported in. It can also integrate into existing procurement systems to easily generate and approve quotes.

#3 - Renewal Manager

It allows customers to plan, govern and manage upcoming software and maintenance renewals via PyraCloud. Customers can prioritize contracts that are most critical to the business and be sure to set alerts for any upcoming renewals – as well as track the current costs and budget required for renewals

#4 - EA True-up

Similar to renewal manager but specific to the complexities of the Microsoft EA, the EA True-up module in PyraCloud ensures plan, govern and manage for your upcoming EA True-up, while simplifying the overall process. In addition, one can provide global and local visibility into licenses that are allowed to be used and track and report on new purchases made easier with the EA Wizard

#5 - Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services

Complementing the PyraCloud platform is the option of our SAM Managed Services which provides customers with the people and process behind the SAM tool.


Licensing management software – i.e SAM tools – do help to reduce the effort to collect, connect and analyze vast amounts of data across an organization but the people and process a managed service provides completes the picture and provides the CPO with the complete information to more effectively manage costs across the software estate.

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