Have You Solved the Java Puzzle?

Oracle Java Advisory Service

SoftwareONE’s Java Advisory Service give you the option to manage your Java footprint using a trusted advisory. This helps to guide your organization in making the best decisions for your entire environment and define your long-term Java strategy.

You Ask Yourself the Same Questions?

How can we find out which of our applications run on Java?

Our specialists will work closely with your team to assess every installation of Java are being used, regardless of our company’s size.

How do we handle Java applications on virtual machines?

Whether you’re using VMWare 6 or something different, we ensure your license forecast fits your Java applications on your virtual machines.

Can we use the free Open Java Development Kit (JDK)?

If you haven’t budgeted for a Java subscription, we have explain every aspect of using the free version and if there are any risks involved.

New Rules Around Java

On April 16th, 2019 only enterprises with an active Oracle Java Subscription or license will receive the next critical security update for Oracle JDK 8

Gartner estimates 80% or more large enterprise IT organizations use Java for mission-critical workloads.

Additionally, Oracle defined a new support roadmap based on a 6 months release cycle and a “Long Term Support” (LTS) release every 3 years. JDK 8 and 11 are the current LTS releases.

All Oracle JDK 11 installations for commercial purposes require an active Oracle Java subscription.

Overview of the Oracle Java Landscape

Release Type of Agreement Release date (GA date) Premier support until Extended support until Long term support available
Java 6 Binary Code License Agreement December 2006 December 2015 December 2018 No
Java 7 Binary Code License Agreement July 2011 July 2019 July 2022 No
Java 8 Binary Code License Agreement March 2014 March 2022 March 2025 Yes
Java 9 Binary Code License Agreement September 2017 March 2018 Not available No
Java 10 Binary Code License Agreement March 2018 September 2018 Not available No
Java 11 Oracle Technology Network * September 2018 September 2023 September 2026 Yes
Java 12 Oracle Technology Network * March 2019 September 2019 Not available No

* can only be used in non-commercial environments and not for internal business operations

This Gives You Three Main Options


Pay for a subscription and gain full access to security patches and updates.


Take a security risk by continuing to run Java on the current version without updating it or downloading security patches.


Move to open JDK and look for alternative support providers.

What Risks Are You Exposed To?

If you don’t regularly update your Java installations it will likely lead to performance, stability and security issues that will affect the applications running on your machine.

Based on cvedetails.com, 590 vulnerabilities have been reported for Oracle JDK since 2007, 7 of them related to Java 8 (affecting updates 121 and 192). Each new update includes additional security features: Update 191 includes, for example, 31 bug fixes.

Most of older versions of Java do not support the latest transport and encryption algorithms (e.g. TLS vs SSL). Only Java 11 supports the current TLS version 1.3 with one exception of Java 8 build from our partner . This creates a massive attack surface within an organization for hackers to exploit. It also means that not only are your systems at risk, but your data can be stolen while on the move.

Resolve Any Java Problems With Our Two Step Assessment

Java Installation Discovery

Detect your Java installations and understand financial and compliance exposure

  • Based on your own Inventory Data
  • Find out which Java distributions, versions and components are installed
  • Identify your Java installations incl. vendor, version numbers, installed patch levels, etc.
  • Map your Java installations to the respective desktops and servers
  • Get the full picture of your Java landscape
  • Calculate your “worst case” Oracle Java subscription costs

Java Optimization

Optimize your Java strategy and reduce your subscription costs

  • Match java installations with the respective application
  • Identify java dependency at application level
  • Define your OpenJDK roadmap
  • Check if free of cost support sources are available for you
  • Build processes to avoid compliance traps

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