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EA Renewal

EA Renewal - What You Need To Consider Now

If you have an Enterprise Agreement (EA) up for renewal in the next few months, there are new considerations to be made that are different from what organizations have faced in the past. Over the last three years not only has the Enterprise Agreement itself changed, the licensing landscape and shift to a Microsoft focus on Cloud technology has created new considerations at renewal time. Here are some of the things to keep in mind as you approach renewal.

Entry Point to EA Now: 500 seats

The new entry point to Enterprise Agreement (EA) is 500 seats . You do have the ability to extend your enrollments with less than 500 and more than 250 seats one last time in the Enterprise program. If you already have extended your enrollment this option is not available.

Therefore, you should consider renewal scenarios into different licensing programs to make sure EA is still the best fit for you.

Office Connectivity to Office 365

If you are planning to remain on-premises and not invest in Office 365 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) on your EA, it is important to understand the recent announcement made about Office not connecting to Office 365 as of October 2020. If you have Office on your EA, you might want to consider renewing the Software Assurance (SA) if there are any plans to migrate to Office 365 in the near future.

In case you really have to renew into Software Assurance, Online Services Add-Ons can be a great option to help you migrate into the cloud at your own pace. You can start with single components like Office 365 in order to avoid the mentioned connectivity issues, or with Microsoft 365, which covers the complete desktop.

Microsoft 365

With the recent release of Microsoft 365 Enterprise, there is now a new „hero“ SKU for the Microsoft field teams. As with every EA renewal, it is always a dance of streamlining your agreement, but at the same time leveraging current Microsoft priorities to negotiate the best terms. If you are currently invested in Office 365, or are planning on making the move, you should explore Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is a bundle of Office 365 E3, EMS E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise.

EMS, or Enterprise Mobility + Security provides tools for mobile device management, single sign- on, password self-reset and enhanced security like Advanced Threat Analytics. There is also a step up to Microsoft 365 E5 that builds in additional telephony and security components.

Beside the mentioned option of an Add-On, the renewal of your EA is the best way to migrate to Online Services by using the Microsoft 365 “from SA” SKU. It allows you to keep what you’ve already invested in. Additionally, there is a suite discount on “from SA” for Microsoft 365 for customers with the traditional Professional or Enterprise Desktop under Software Assurance in their Enterprise Enrollment.

Another great benefit: Migrating to Microsoft 365 can help you get rid of counting qualified devices in your company – Microsoft 365 is licensed on a per-user basis instead. And even in case you need local installations of Office Professional Plus, the Microsoft 365 Enterprise “from SA” can help you. These SKUs grant additional usage rights for Office and Office Servers.

If you think this is a great value proposition and / or you see additional value in any of the components of Microsoft 365, you are in a position where any price negotiation with Microsoft on their Microsoft 365 offering is discounting tools you see the value in. This offers an opportunity for a win-win…better pricing on a product Microsoft wants you to purchase anyway. Now is the time to learn more about Microsoft 365 so you aren’t scrambling as your agreement expiration looms. Our suggestion is to learn as much about it as possible, and engage a technical resource to see whether it would benefit your organization and potentially displace the cost of other tools. Going into your renewal cycle with a strong understanding of your organization’s technology priorities is going to make the process so much smoother.

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