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Adopt 365 (Part 3): How to Deliver Lasting Change with M365 – Drive Value

Adopt 365 (Part 3): How to Deliver Lasting Change with M365 – Drive Value

The successful adoption of new technologies such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint requires behavior change. And change can be hard. It takes more than just learning a new app since it's a fundamentally different way of working. This change is all about people.

Whether you are completely new to Microsoft 365 (M365) or you are planning to deploy new technologies across your organization to onboard new features of Microsoft's productivity suite, this series helps you to plan, develop and design your M365 adoption strategy.

In this final session we will be focusing on driving value and how to reach sustain success of your adoption strategy. Learn more about how to maintain the momentum and building upon your success for planning the initial launch of M365 to your business. We will also look on how to properly measure uptakes on M365 and understand that consumption does not equal adoption. You will get to know tools that are used to gain insights into these areas and how everyone can assist with their own change management approach.

Finally, we will make sure that your future deployment of M365 remains successful by building on the great work you've already done with your early adopters and use champions when utilizing this framework into all IT areas of your company.