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In today’s digitized world, security risks and threats are growing exponentially. While many organizations are still thinking about what their security strategy looks like, cybercriminals are just waiting for their turn to attack fragile security settings. Today, the danger of cyberattacks are nearly everywhere. And many enterprises are not prepared for them. Additional security risks arise due to the shared cloud environments, the services accessible via the public Internet, a possible loss of confidentiality and integrity, and availability of data in the cloud environment. A consistent implementation of (cloud) security will minimize the risk of failures, data loss, hacker attacks or unauthorized access to data.

Facts from the Market

Cybercrime will cost the world US$6 trillion annually by 2021.


Organizations need up to 279 days to identify and contain a data breach.


Financial services are 300x more likely to be attacked, still Healthcare is the industry to be hit the most.


62% of IT Workers say data privacy and confidentiality is their top cloud security priority.


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How To Fix Sh(adow) IT

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組織内のシャドー IT を管理することは、これまで以上に重要です。ここでは、ソフトウェア環境のインサイトを得る方法を紹介します。

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