COMPAREX Announces Brand Change to SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE, a global leading Platform, Solutions and Services company, announced that beginning today, April 1st , the COMPAREX units in the SoftwareONE Group will change their market branding. The affected entities, more than 35 in total, will be undergoing a rebranding process and start operating under the brand SoftwareONE in their markets.

All COMPAREX units will go to market as SoftwareONE beginning April 1st

The rebranding is part of an ongoing integration process following the acquisition of COMPAREX by SoftwareONE completed on February 1, 2019. As a combined company under a common brand name, SoftwareONE will further deepen its expertise in software and managed services, allowing the company to drive the digital transformation of its customers’ businesses, and be at the forefront of innovative cloud and technology solutions.

“In a complex business environment, we strive to make things simple for our customers. Simplicity starts with one name,” says Dieter Schlosser, CEO SoftwareONE. “By presenting all our entities within the Group under a single name in the nearly 90 countries we operate in, we highlight our truly global scale, while offering local support as a solutions and services provider: our people are where it matters most – by our customers’ sides.”

All contracts and agreements with customers and partners remain unchanged.

Dieter Schlosser

“In a complex business environment, we strive to make things simple for our customers. Simplicity starts with one name.”

CEO SoftwareONE 


SoftwareONE è un’azienda multinazionale leader nella fornitura di software end-to-end e soluzioni tecnologiche cloud, con sede in Svizzera. SoftwareONE aiuta le aziende a progettare e attuare la propria strategia tecnologica, acquistare i giusti software e soluzioni cloud al giusto prezzo e gestire e ottimizzare il proprio patrimonio software. Le sue offerte sono collegate a PyraCloud, la piattaforma digitale proprietaria di SoftwareONE, che offre ai clienti dati e analisi avanzate. Con circa 5.300 dipendenti, un team di vendita e di supporto in 90 paesi, SoftwareONE offre a circa 65.000 clienti soluzioni software e cloud di oltre 7.500 vendor.