Enterprise Digitalization

Transform collaboration and productivity

MTWO drives Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly and effectively with MTWO, an end-to-end enterprise project delivery platform that enables your company to connect all stakeholders, manage all projects and standardize all workflows, enterprise-wide, in one place.

Workflow Management

Create custom workflows for enterprise-wide, project-wide processes in a visual view with MTWO, moving informal, error-prone work into a structured environment.

As the project progresses through the steps of the workflow, the platform can send alerts and reminders for task completion, triggering collaboration when and where it is required.

Business Partner Management

A good business partnership can bring fulfilment, as well as a sense of security to your construction business.

MTWO supports company-wide business partnerships management, keeping track of project contracts, execution performance of every business partner.

Partner evaluation reports can be created based on customized evaluation criteria for future project reference.

Enterprise Data Management

Leverage what you've learned from past projects to pave the way for better building and construction. MTWO makes this easy in the way it stores and refines data throughout an entire project lifecycle (and beyond).

MTWO manages data from every project, putting it all together so that users  intuitively utilize past results to establish better processes for future workflows.

Document Management

Getting the documents you need stored in many different places can be time consuming. With MTWO's comprehensive document library, all users have one central location to manage and share forms and records across the entire asset lifecycle.

When users upload files from relevant modules, the system will automatically categorize it into project level for easy look up.

Access Control

Determine exactly who has access to what by establishing a company hierarchy, as well as user roles for every MTWO user in your organization.

System administrators can grant or retract a user's view of any module or layer of the platform, at any time. Access Control settings allow administrators to determine degrees of access, too – it's simple to distinguish the users who can edit data from those with only viewing rights.

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