Facts You Should Know About Google's G Suite

Google's G Suite

Facts You Should Know

Google G Suite – facts You Should Know

SoftwareONE Germany recently added Google's G Suite to its portfolio and has since advised customers on launching or transitioning to productive operation with this cloud computing solution. Entering the world of cloud computing is usually possible without any major complications. But questions still remain, of course. After all, this technology – which in some respects requires a different approach – comes with a few things you need to know in order to avoid teething pains and to reap the rewards from day one.

The first practical question is therefore a particularly nice introduction to the new blog series, because it perfectly illustrates what is so different about the G Suite. It goes like this: "Where is the save button? Where do I have to click to save the draft document or my changes?”

You will doubtless have experienced something quite similar in the past: after hours of working on an important job advertisement, an application or your thesis, the computer decides to freeze. And you had neglected to save your progress in the meantime. The document is gone – irrevocably so – and your whole time was wasted. This is no longer an issue with the G Suite. Everything is always there – even if you close your computer spontaneously and reopen it later on: Everything stays saved in the G Suite

This means that wherever you or your employees happen to be, they can access all resources and connect as a team in different ways. Built-in chat and video capabilities help you collaborate, find and share information faster, and collaborate on documents at the same time. With G Suite, employees find it easier to develop innovative solutions by leveraging shared knowledge. In addition to increased productivity, this enables flexible and modern work styles – which also increases workplace attractiveness in the eyes of many employees.

Overview of the Most Important G-Suite Benefits

Improved collaboration

Simple, intuitive tools that employees are already familiar with help to promote real-time communication and smooth workflows.

Security and Control

A secure environment that meets the highest data protection and security standards, with easy management of users, devices and data. Data storage and compliance requirements are met.

Cost Efficiency and Transparency

Easy to use, the platform is based on a standardized, simple pricing model and ensures lower operating costs. Customers do not enter into any long-term commitments, and there are no additional costs for basics such as telephone support or critical security features.

Fostering Innovationen through Improved Collaboration

There is no question: The modern workplace is now a basic requirement for smooth and efficient collaboration. Feel free to contact us if you would like your employees to work together at any time, on any device and from any location, but without neglecting your essential security requirements!

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