Reset and Thrive Your Business

Survive – Reset – Thrive in 2020

Time to Change Your Business

Reset and Thrive Your Business

The world has changed. Has your IT strategy adapted to meet the new normal? It’s time to reset. And thrive.

The first half of 2020 saw two years of digital transformation compressed into just two months. The rapid shift to remote working meant existing IT projects were put on hold, sped up or altered entirely. New tools were implemented and measures taken to keep business functioning.

Now it’s time to reset to ready your organization for a very different future.

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Has Your IT Strategy Adapted to Meet the New Normal?

As we take steps into what we like to call, the ‘next unnormal’ we are looking ahead using the rapid shift to the cloud to adapt the future of our customers’ businesses to ensure they not only survive, but thrive. Whether it’s remote work, managing costs or preparing for what the future may or may not bring in terms of how we connect, collaborate and communicate we need to be ready. Ready for whatever challenges your organization and employees face today and in the future. This requires proper planning and a deep understanding of today’s challenges we are facing.

Listen in on SoftwareONE global leaders’ fireside chat on the challenges and priorities facing organizations around the world in this Reset Phase. They will outline how taking the right steps now will determine which organizations thrive going forward.

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Reset and Thrive With Future Workplace

Your employees may stay working at home for the foreseeable future, return to the office, take a hybrid approach or adopt a phased return. Whichever route you take, it’s critical to standardize and put governance in place to ensure a robust, long-term strategy that supports all employees, regardless of where they work, while reducing the workload on IT teams.  


Malicious attacks and accidental data loss are on the rise with remote & hybrid working models. Review and reset your remote working security solutions to strengthen your security strategy.

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Remote working and the move to Microsoft 365 and other SaaS solutions means it’s time to reset your backup and data recovery solutions to give you maximum control with minimal effort.

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Digital Workplace

Reset your enterprise voice strategy to provide a cost-effective unified communications approach and enable your employees to work from anywhere, from any device, securely and productively, while you retain control and ease of management.

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Employee Enablement

The pandemic saw many employees using new tools – like Teams - for the first time. Ensure best practice and lasting productivity by implementing Adoption & Change Management processes.

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Reset And Thrive Through Unprecedented Change

The world changed almost overnight and organizations had to react immediately. Now, many companies shifted their business priorities to better adjust to their digital transformation strategy and to be prepared for the future.

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Reset and Let Your Cloud Strategy Thrive

When lockdown struck, organizations were affected differently depending on where they were in their cloud journey, with those already in the cloud better positioned to respond fast. One thing is clear – cloud is no longer a matter of if, but when. Given the uncertainty of the future, it is now mission critical for all organizations to review their cloud strategy for the short, medium and long‑term.

Managed Cloud Solutions

Organizations in the cloud should start to improve optimization and governance to drive better cloud utilization and cut costs. Free up resources to find growth through innovation while we manage your cloud environment.

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Advisory & Migration Services

Moving workloads out of your data center ensures your future agility. Our AzureSimple plus additional professional services, will help you create a cloud strategy to help your organization thrive.

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Advisory & Migration Services for AWS

AWS will provide your business with greater flexibility at lower costs. We help you to deliver all types of applications - from core banking, micro service API and serverless applications to container-based solutions.

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Cloud Spend Management

Cloud brings agility, but it can also lead to escalating costs if it’s not managed well. At a time when every penny counts, getting cloud costs under control will be key.

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Visibility and Control of Your Cloud Spend

Cloud adoption is moving at a rapid pace. Having an effective cloud budget and spend management methodology involving people, processes and technology in place can help your organization realize the full business requirements of the cloud.

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Reset and Let Your Software Lifecycle Management Thrive

Technology played a transformative role during the pandemic. But now it’s time to assess where cost savings can be made, get a clearer understanding of what software assets reside in the organization, and how to best utilize those assets and remove audit risks.


Software Asset Management (SAM) is a key business strategy focused on overseeing and optimizing your software. SAMSimple Managed Service helps you understand your compliance position, enable cost savings and be safe during an audit.

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Cost Take Out

SLM Cost Take-Out brings you quick and lasting results in the areas of cost and risk reduction via our unique software savings program and the focus on increasing operational effectiveness.

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The Diagnostic

Get a 360-degree view into your software estate and get guidance from an initial data analysis to compliance processes through to full consulting and managed services based on your IT Asset Management needs.

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Advisory Services

With sales capabilities in over 90 countries and transaction capabilities in more than 150 locations we have the feet on the ground to help you with your software needs.

Learn more about our Publisher Advisory Services


Let Your Business Thrive with Total Software and Cloud Spend Management From ONE Platform

Our PyraCloud platform enables you to tag, track and manage Software Assets and Cloud Spend from one platform. PyraCloud provides you with full spend management capabilities across your on-premises and cloud environments.

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Reset and Thrive – Read What Our Experts Say

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