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Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald

Chief Innovation Officer

IT-Security, Compliance, Cyber-Security

  • 27 május 2020
  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • PyraCloud, Managed Cloud
  • AWS, Azure

Mike Fitzgerald on GorillaStack Acquisition

SoftwareONE’s Chief Innovation Officer talks more about their GorillaStack acquisition to accelerate Azure and AWS cloud management capabilities.

  • 03 május 2019
  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • Managed Security
  • IT-Security, Compliance, Cyber-Crime, Cyber-Threats, Cyber-Attacks

Security & Compliance - Why They Have a Permanent Seat at the Boardroom Table

In his recent byline in “Corporate Compliance Insights”, Mike Fitzgerald shared the top three reasons why a security-first mentality is crucial to the success of your business.

IBM Red Hat
  • 13 december 2018
  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • Managed Cloud, IT Market
  • IBM, Red Hat, Advisory Services, Open Source

IBM-Red Hat: Open Source Goes Blue

Known as a model that is based on open collaboration among communities of software developers and for generating revenue by support or services, open source has come a long way in recent years. But there are still obstacles that need to be overcome.

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