Partnering on a Journey to Hybrid Cloud

Partnering on a Journey to Hybrid Cloud

  • 15 október 2020
  • 2 minutes to read

SoftwareONE’s partner ecosystem is a vibrant and active community of ISVs, Hosters, MSPs and Service Providers across the globe. While each partner has it’s own unique business model, service offerings and customer base, the common thread amongst all is delivering a high-value customer experience. Leveraging and integrating cloud capabilities has enabled partners to identify new efficiencies and build IP for their respective business that result in positive outcomes for their clients.

The speed of public cloud computing innovation is expanding at an exponential rate. Microsoft and AWS release hundreds of cloud updates and new releases each month. The benefits of the public cloud are significant to many organizations including infrastructure cost savings, scalability, and often with less management and support. Private clouds are dedicated cloud architecture that can be managed direct or by a third-party. The private cloud benefits include greater control, security of sensitive data, and flexibility. Recent data indicates that many enterprises are choosing a hybrid-cloud to capture the benefits of both public and private cloud. Hybrid architectures are quickly becoming the standard and new reality for organizations allowing enterprises to extend beyond their data centers and into cloud services.

According to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud report, 93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and 87% have a hybrid cloud strategy. 53% of the hybrid cloud survey respondents indicate they employ multiple public and multiple private clouds. Hybrid strategies provide organizations agility by maintaining control over workloads in a private cloud while deploying certain computing requirements in the public cloud. Hybrid cloud environments where organizations are transferring data between a private and public cloud provider generate greater risk by increasing the threat surface and offering more opportunity for attacks. Yet, as the figures show, hybrid cloud environments are set to become the norm – so having the right tools in place to safeguard sensitive data is essential.

SoftwareONE’s cloud modeling expertise provides it’s channel partners with the roadmap and services to transform their business to meet the evolving needs of customers. These cloud models have opened many new opportunities for enterprises to drive innovation, growth, and improved customer satisfaction. Designing your cloud journey begins with proper guidance aligned to your unique business strategy to fully understand the benefits, risks, and costs of to your organization.

SoftwareONE ONEClub channel program is designed to support and expand partner cloud capabilities. Regardless of where you are in your cloud maturity, we want to work with you to develop a modern digital-forward business to strengthen your client relationships and disrupt the market with innovation.

SoftwareONE Partners Master Their Cloud Journey

The question is no longer, “Should we move to the cloud?” but rather, “How do we get to the cloud,” and “How much time will the transformation take?” Starting early and with a proof of concept enables you to systematically plan for and adjust in small steps. You should always keep your business goals in mind when developing a cloud strategy, because the cloud is just a toolbox to implement goals.

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