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Hosters, MSPs & ISVs Build for Long-Term Growth

Hosters, MSPs and ISVs Build for Long-Term Growth with SoftwareONE ONEClub

As the technology behemoths report their 2019 earnings to the public markets, it is no surprise that Microsoft, AWS and Google’s cloud growth story is at the forefront of the announcements. The rush to be “THE” cloud leader has hit a frantic pace. Billions of dollars are flowing into the innovation, capacity and support of these public cloud platforms. While the story of cloud supremacy is still unfolding, many technology partners to these leaders are trying to sort through the marketing noise to determine how the cloud will help their respective business.

Real, Insightful and Actionable Guidance

Regardless of the size of your technology business, you are likely on a perpetual quest to innovate, reduce costs, and keep your customers happy. Your hosting and managed service practice has already been proven to be successful. You made tough, expensive and laborious decisions that developed into the business you are today – i.e. hiring the right people, achieving technical competencies, building and maintaining data centers, fighting costs and margin pressure, and assuring the highest level of customer support and uptime. You have made timely decisions over the course of time but you also know that past success doesn’t guarantee future returns. You are looking forward to further develop the knowledge, skills and people that will propel the business for the next big run. Obtaining real, insightful, and actionable intelligence about the cloud that relates to your needs may not be as easy as it might appear however.

SoftwareONE has the benefit of being both a direct solution provider to end-users and an indirect provider to hosters, MSPs, and ISV partners. SoftwareONE is faced with many of the same demands as yours. We have brought our direct business experience, learnings, global scale, services and support to our partner community, ONEClub.

Questions We Have the Answers For

We receive questions daily from our partners related to Microsoft’s product roadmap, licensing scenarios, reporting, and compliancy. Also, what are the benefits to being a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP)? Does SoftwareONE provide technical support, automation and professional services that can be snapped into my business? There is a good chance you have similar questions around these topics and could benefit from unbiased advice from a provider like SoftwareONE. Many of our hosting partners are actively assessing their licensing and cost structure around SPLA (non-cloud Microsoft products). Through our ONEClub partner program, we are assisting partners prepare for their cloud future through discovery, assessments, and incentive programs that align to business objectives and timeline. ONEClub partners receive the enablement and knowledge transfer that empowers them to make clear and smart business decisions.

Dedicated Partner Program

Our ONEClub Partner Team is also having regular conversations with hosters and ISVs about the process, costs, and resources needed to migrate to the cloud. Many partners will continue to run a hybrid environment for the near future and migrate targeted workloads into the public cloud. The outcome they are aiming to produce is improved operational efficiencies, reduce data center costs, scalability and drive new business. SoftwareONE offers many programs that partners can leverage to assist in these migrations including the Azure Migration Program (AMP). As a certified Azure MSP, SoftwareONE will work with you to nominate projects that would qualify for credits and funding to reduce the costs to migrate to Azure.

Finally, we are seeing partners in search of high-margin, repeatable solutions and managed offerings. Building new IP and services can be a costly endeavor. SoftwareONE extends it’s managed services portfolio of xSimple offering to partners to then subcontract to the end user. AzureSimple, 365Simple, and BackupSimple provide partners with new offerings to take to market and deliver new value to their customers.

Ride the Cloud Wave

No matter where you are in the maturity of your business planning and transformation, SoftwareONE’s ONEClub has solutions, services, automation and support that will help you prepare for the long run. Our partnerships are built on trust, flexibility and mutually shared success. We believe the cloud technology wave is just getting started and we want to work with you to capture your share of the market.

Modernizing How You Do Business

Hosters can leverage SoftwareONE’s cloud advisory expertise while knowing they are delivering long-term client value with an efficient and trusted partner. Learn more about SoftwareONE’s Hosting Program.

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