How StaffHub Revolutionizes Employee Feedback

Microsoft StaffHub

Real-Time Feedback via Smartphone

How StaffHub Revolutionizes Employee Feedback

  • 04 április 2020
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A new feedback feature in Microsoft StaffHub is making employees happy. StaffHub allows colleagues to give feedback quickly and simply – by adopting principles otherwise used by Facebook & co. Our expert explains how the feature works and why it is so important.

How the New Feature in Microsoft StaffHub Works

Microsoft StaffHub is a tool designed for team communication and planning. You use it to assign tasks, share messages and arrange appointments. It is a platform that your employees open every morning to review their jobs for the day.

It is also the platform that you turn to in order to contact your staff, especially the ones that you do not meet all that often due to your managerial position. So this means frontline and task workers – the service employees (retail, trade, cleaning) and the ones in production. This frontline is essential to you – and until now it has been difficult to provide you with their feedback.

StaffHub is addressing this predicament with its new feature "Real-time feedback". This tool lets line managers show appreciation and recognition to their staff. In real time and visible for all users in the form of badges. The accolades go by the names of "Leadership", "Achiever", "Team Player"”, which are reminiscent of rewards in videogames. One of your agents managed to sell an unpopular property? Recognize his or her achievement by giving them the “Problem Solver” badge and adding a few congratulatory comments!

Microsoft StaffHub Share Badges
Source: Microsoft StaffHub

You send the badge and the personalized text directly to your employee in real time. Like in social media, they can share the award on their internal accounts. This way the entire team becomes aware of the appreciation.

Microsoft StaffHub Share Badges
Source: Microsoft StaffHub

Gimmick or Genuine Value Added?

Everyone is pleased to receive praise, of course. But is this kind of tool not a bit over the top?

I don’t think so. After all, receiving praise from a line manager is more than just a small ego booster. It is confirmation for good work. It strengthens bonds to the management level and to the company. And it is an incentive to try even harder.

There is no doubt that a culture of active appreciation promotes bonding within the company. Numerous studies confirm the positive effects on innovation, productivity and virtually all other areas of work as well.

This is particularly true of one group within your workforce: Millennials. In my most recent blog post, I summarized how social media shape the working world of Generation Y. In a nutshell: Millennials are used to receiving direct feedback. They expect it at their workplace, and it is a crucial factor when looking for employment. StaffHub is the fastest feedback tool available on the market: Direct, in real-time and compatible with any of the smartphones we all carry.

Another group benefits strongly from the new StaffHub feature as well: The frontline. In many cases the frontline workers in your company will not have access to their own PC workstation. To an extent they are excluded. At the same time, this group of employees experiences particularly strong fluctuation, making it difficult to reach them via traditional communication channels. Microsoft StaffHub introduces feedback to the smartphone – and in doing so provides direct access to employees that otherwise feel neglected.


The new feature in Microsoft StaffHub allows you to provide feedback in real-time. Millennials and the frontline appreciate this factor in particular. In principle, though, every company benefits from an active and direct culture of feedback.

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