Why an Azure Managed Service is a

Good Choice!

Why an Azure Managed Service is a Good Choice!

When you start your cloud journey, there are many new things to consider and lots of opportunities available. While the cloud can lead to improved cost control, flexibility and performance there are some common pitfalls you should avoid. Investing in an Azure Managed Service can help you get the best out of the cloud. But let me guide you through...

Why are you going to the Cloud?

There are many reasons to use Cloud Services. Replacing an old infrastructure can be a good reason, as can be the development of a new cloud-born application. Perhaps the optimization of the cost structure (CapEx to OpEx conversion) is also the focus of interest. Or the cloud is the only way to map solutions that have never existed in an on-premises world before.

All these reasons have one thing in common: they pursue the goal of achieving more! More cost control, more flexibility or more innovation.

Focus on the important things in the Cloud

As simple as the use of cloud technologies may seem at first glance, it does take some effort. In addition to deciding when what service is migrated to Azure using which tools, or what is to be mapped in Azure, there is often the question of who will perform this implementation.

The colleagues in today's IT department are busy with their daily tasks. There is little time for development and trying out new things. If you look at a typical Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment in Azure, for example, not much will change here.

Servers must still be patched, virus scanners monitored, and monitoring systems maintained. Only the costs for operating the data center infrastructure are eliminated or at least reduced. At the same time, however, the admin faces some new challenges. Numerous tools in Azure are initially unknown, or do not correspond to the previous toolset. Every action in Azure, every created Virtual Machine (VM) and every wrong decision directly causes costs. Therefore, even the smallest errors can quickly become a problem.

Imagine creating a VM in the next larger VM class in Azure. This leads directly to a duplication of costs for instance. It is therefore recommended to implement and monitor an Azure Governance concept.

In addition to the new environment, the company is quickly made aware of the need to optimize costs in Azure. Now there are also topics such as automation, scaling and cost management on the task list.

At the same time, many companies nowadays pursue digital strategies, which lead to a significant increase in IT requirements. Products are rapidly connected to offer customers new services. Apps and websites should successfully support the new ideas. In addition, there is external pressure from other market players.

Now tasks and to-dos must be prioritized. With the step into the cloud, responsibility for data center operations has already been relinquished in order to be able to focus on generating added value. But where does it go now?! IaaS operation, governance monitoring, cost optimization or product development?

The clear answer should be: what is most beneficial to the company. Thus, the priority is clearly automation and cost optimization, as well as the development and support of new products and services.

How an Azure Managed Service can help you

This is exactly where Azure Managed Services come in. If IT now concentrates on the tasks just described, classic IT operations, monitoring and governance considerations fall by the wayside, or must be redistributed organizationally or assigned to new employees.

An alternative to this is a Managed Service. Daily tasks are taken over by a service provider. This way, the tasks do not fall by the wayside and at the same time the focus on the important new to-dos is not lost.

Typical tasks that can be performed as part of an Azure Managed Service

1. Financial monitoring

The goal of cost control is a uniform view of the costs incurred in the cloud. Continuous monitoring helps to better predict costs, detect deviations at an early stage and control optimization tasks in a targeted manner. In addition, requirements from purchasing and controlling are also fulfilled, such as the separation of costs according to cost centers or projects.

2. Service monitoring

Numerous dashboards and logs, log the status of Azure resources. In daily work, however, it is hardly possible to keep a permanent overview. Therefore, a consolidated monitoring of the systems and services operated in Azure is achieved by means of service monitoring. 

3. Azure Governance Assessments

The cloud needs rules of the game, but once they have been put on paper, they are quickly forgotten. With the help of a continuous governance assessment, rule violations are detected at an early stage and necessary adjustments are derived more quickly. So, the cloud remains as secure as it should be.

4. Operational tasks

In a classic IaaS world, systems still need to be patched, software updated, and event logs monitored. As a rule, this can also be done by experienced service employees of the service provider. Of course, according to individual customer specifications.

5. Subscription Management

Subscriptions, as a financial and justifying framework in Azure, must be maintained. Initial configurations, such as setting up network connections, must be done before the subscription is released. This task can be performed, controlled and reported centrally.


With the help of an Azure Managed Service, you get the freedom you need to successfully make use of the innovation and opportunities of the cloud. You achieve a stronger focus on the essential aspects of your own company goals and at the same time receive a strong partner who is "By Your Side in a Digital World”!

Curious about MS Azure?

Get an insight view on this Microsoft cloud technology. Now, you can finally concentrate on the implementation of new business ideas in the cloud while we ensure that your IT and processes run as efficiently as possible in the background. Contact us for further details.

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