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Your Single Source for Future Workplace Resources

A table, a chair, a computer, a telephone – those are the building blocks of any office space, however the workplace of the future – or the one we all need today - is based on many other factors and concentrates on the immediate needs of employees such as mobility, flexibility and, of course, productivity. For that, a traditional workplace is no longer necessary. 

For as long as offices have existed, there has been discussion about the ideal structure of a workplace in terms of accessibility, devices, communication, collaboration, data storage & management and security. When planning your future workplace you need to start with identifying which communication and collaboration technologies drive productivity, ensure connected teamwork and most of all allow your employees to fully collaborate. It's important that your co-workers feel valued and are able to take on responsibility. But what is the fuel?

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61% of GenY and 50% of workers aged 30+ believe the technology tools they use in their personal and social life are more efficient and productive than those used in their work life.


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41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or "things," will be generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data by 2025.


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26% of employees think email is a major productivity killer, while 46% of employees rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they're supposed to do next.


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76% of individuals use video collaboration to work remotely, and 75% of those experienced increased productivity and an enhanced work-life balance.


How does a Future Workplace Enhance Communication and Collaboration?

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Having all solutions in one place for improved collaboration and information sharing as well as more efficient meetings saves users time - 1.1 to 8.0 hours per user per week.


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Decision makers improve their time-to-decision by 17.7%.


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IT compliance and eDiscovery costs are reduced by 13.2%.


Events & Webinars

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VMware Horizon Cloud sur Azure : le bureau virtuel passe à la vitesse supérieure | SoftwareONE Live Webinar

VMware Horizon Cloud sur Microsoft Azure : le bureau virtuel passe à l...

Venez découvrir VMware Horizon Cloud sur Microsoft Azure, la solution VDI & Publication d’applications de VMware adaptée pour Microsoft Azure pour rationaliser vos coûts, pour un poste de travail personnalisé et toujours à jour, et bien plus.

Le nouvel Acrobat Pro change la donne pour vos workflows documentaires...

Sorti au cœur de l’été, le nouvel Acrobat Pro c’est :
- Un outil « Tout en un », pour créer, collecter, partager, valider, signer ;
- L’intégration dans Microsoft 365 incluant Microsoft Teams ;
- Une sécurité renforcée avec des contrôles…

Microsoft Teams & Klaxoon
  • Webinaire à la demande
  • Digital Transformation, Future Workplace, User Productivity

Microsoft Teams & Klaxoon, propulsez votre travail en équipe avec l’ac...

Envie de propulser votre travail en équipe avec Microsoft Teams et Klaxoon ?
Découvrez lors de notre webinaire, le jeudi 28 octobre de 11h à 12h, comment SoftwareONE peut vous aider à mettre en place une stratégie d’adoption de ces nouveaux

Remote Worker Information for Download

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Windows 7 End of Support

This whitepaper examines the background and consequences of the end of support, describes in detail the most important options for action, and aids in making a decision.


Office 2019 vs Office 365

This whitepaper delves into the differences between Office 2019 and Office 365. If you are currently thinking about updating your Office application, we can help you make the right choice for your business.


Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

With Skype for Business Online moving to Teams, organizations now have to plan their UC migration carefully. We'll train you on the different approaches recommended by Microsoft and show how to best enhance your overall UC strategy.


Case Studies

Eldorado "Moves Beyond Brick & Mortar"

Responding creatively to pressure on traditional retail operations, Eldorado embraced a cloud-enhanced digital transformation and the possibilities of an advanced modern workplace.


Business Intelligence Advances Decision Making & Productivity at Cacau Show

Cacau Show engaged SoftwareONE to develop business intelligence solutions using Microsoft Power BI. Implementation has reduced access times for key business indicators from hours to minutes, at lower cost, and greater reliability.

Group of multicultural people connected by using digital mobile gadgets

Roland Berger uses Microsoft Teams to Improve Staff Collaboration

As a leader in management consulting, communication is vital for Roland Berger. The company offers its staff a modern teamwork hub as the basis for effective, fast, and flexible communication and collaboration.


What Our Experts Say: Our Blog

Les nouveaux challenges IT et fonctionnels des organisations | SoftwareONE Blog

Les nouveaux challenges IT et fonctionnels des organisations

La transformation digitale des organisations connaît une accélération sans précédent avec l’émergence de modes de travail nomades et de nouveaux enjeux autour de la gestion des données.

Choosing the Best Plan for Calling within Microsoft Teams
  • 01 août 2022
  • Unified Communications, User Productivity, Future Workplace, Digital Workplace
  • UCSimple, Collaboration, Vidéo Conférence, Video Collaboration

Choosing the Best Plan for Calling within Microsoft Teams

Organizations who use Microsoft Teams for Unified Communications can also leverage the calling feature. Find out how to select the best plan for making the most of the calling feature within Microsoft Teams.

  • 25 mai 2021
  • John Duque
  • User Productivity, Future Workplace, Digital Transformation, application services

Exploring the Benefits Intelligent Automation Can Bring to Industries

Intelligent automation is rapidly becoming the standard across industries. Here’s why your organization needs it, and how you can get started.

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Un travail hybride facile grâce aux communications unifiées. Simplifiez la vie de vos utilisateurs et donnez une nouvelle dimension au travail d'équipe, quel que soit le lieu ou l'appareil utilisé.


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