Advanced Financial Services with PyraCloud and SAMSimple

Case Study

Software Lifecycle Management Helps Increase Core
Business Focus

Software Lifecycle Management Helps Increase Core Business Focus

Software Lifecycle Management helps a financial services leader to simplify and succeed

A Leading Financial Services firm consolidated governance of software users, licenses, renewals, usage, and support agreements using PyraCloud. Increased IT advantages effectively provide superior products and services to customers, adding value across all lines of business to recruit and retain happy customers.

PyraCloud has helped the firm to reduce expenses while obtaining a single consolidated view to transacting software licenses and cloud subscriptions across the entire enterprise. SAMSimple has helped build on a key business strategy to oversee software investments, reduce costs, and minimizes risks.

IT Manager

“We want always to be software compliant, but it is difficult to be certain in an environment this large. SoftwareONE has the experience to do it well. They know how to make an IT manager's life easier.”

Financial Services Group

The Project

  • Customer: A Leading Financial Services Group

  • Industry: Financial Services

  • Solution: Software Lifecycle Management with PyraCloud and SAMSimple

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About the Customer

As a full-service financial organization, this customer operates with an outstanding history and reputation for innovation. It has built and redefined financial services banking, investments, life & health insurance, pensions, and real estate services. Operating across the Caribbean while expanding internationally, the firm now operates in 22 countries, from Latin America to the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Challenge

Financial Services depend heavily on the effective use of IT. Providing superior products and services to customers requires technology. Service excellence demands consistent resource investments. Creating positive customer experiences helps to recruit and retain happy customers.

The challenge for this leading financial firm was managing a broad technology mix ranging from VMware and Windows to AIX, Oracle, IBM, and Azure. Tracking active internal users, application licenses, and balancing costs to stay in compliance had become complicated, and risked unforeseen financial exposure.

It was essential to maintain control across business segments while emphasizing staff objectives that focused on customers and core business requirements. The firm decided to engage outside help to optimize and consolidate software licenses, a strategy intended to improve business efficiencies while freeing staff to prioritize excellence in customer service and expand the business.

The Solution

SoftwareONE Microsoft Advisory Services and Professional Services provided analysis to optimize and consolidate licenses and offer a clear understanding of the overall software portfolio. The program identified gaps, plotted demand, tracked service agreements, and ensured consistent compliance.

Now, PyraCloud provides the essential resource for a clear view of all software assets in support of more than 3,000 users. Controls have been established to prevent overestimating user requirements and to uncover unused assets. A pool has been created to accommodate seasonal workers and to make asset assignments on-demand. Expenses have been reduced, and new licenses are purchased only as needed.

PyraCloud also tracks Azure usage, managing month-to-month, projecting changes, and controlling costs. PyraCloud has also become the single data source to control Sharepoint, CRM, and SQL Server. The audit for SQL Server alone reduced the organization’s license count by roughly 50% and saved an estimated $300,000 annually.

Also, the implementation of SAMSimple, and ongoing Support Services, are expected to deliver 30% annual savings. Overall, simplified license management provides capabilities that offer accurate deployment data, contract tracking, and reduced business risk.

The Result

  • Consolidated governance: All software users, licenses, renewals, usage, and support agreements are managed using PyraCloud.
  • Consistent management: SAMSimple delivers consistent management, cost reduction, and control of all titles.
  • Savings: SQL Server licenses have been reduced by 50%, for a savings of more than $300,000
  • Simplified Azure management: Implemented cost controls with added flexibility and scalability to responsively satisfy new customer requirements.
  • Added flexibility: Licenses are increased or decreased as needed.
  • Software lifecycle management: Optimization, compliance, and licensing has been outsourced for greater expense control and core business focus.


Con PyraCloud de SoftwareONE, obtienes una visión completa de tu portafolio de software


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