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SoftwareONE Launches SAMSimple

SoftwareONE, a leading software portfolio management provider, launched SAMSimple, an end-to-end Software Asset Management (SAM) managed service that enables organisations to more quickly realize the full value of their investment, mitigate compliance risk and reduce the cost of their entire software portfolio.

Given that the vast majority of organisations globally do not have mature SAM processes or tools in place, this offering addresses common SAM pain-points and provides an à la carte solution for customers, putting results and price back into their hands. SAMSimple takes the guesswork out of implementing a SAM practice, delivering the expertise, process and tooling that accelerates a customer’s SAM and cloud journey. By improving SAM practices, organisations can more effectively transition from on-premises to the cloud and embrace digital transformation.

“Many business and IT leaders are balancing numerous business priorities, leaving less bandwidth to focus on implementing a new SAM practice. With SAMSimple, we are simplifying software portfolio management, providing more transparency and governance, while reducing costs and ensuring compliance for all software assets,” said Patrick Winter, CEO of SoftwareONE, “SAMSimple provides the required tooling and leverages SoftwareONE’s expertise and intelligence in software licensing to give back control of software assets to IT leaders.”

SAMSimple automates complex SAM processes, empowering organisations with a single managed service designed to address the most common SAM pain-points:

  • Inaccurate Inventory: SAMSimple collates software deployment data accurately across hardware, virtual environments, operating systems and cloud platforms.
  • Complex Contracts: It takes the headache out of trying to decipher software license agreements’ complex terms and conditions.
  • Mismanaged Entitlements: SAMSimple offers ongoing entitlement support so each and every purchase is properly recorded with specific use rights.
  • Draining Audits: SAMSimple can facilitate and simplify responses to publisher audits, an often difficult and time consuming exercise.
  • Scarce Resources: SAMSimple eliminates the struggle to find skilled resources who know the myriad of licensing complexities for each publisher.
  • Rising Costs: It offers purchased versus installed reconciliation, matching inventory and usage against purchase orders and contracts.
  • Efficiency: SAMSimple delivers cost savings focusing on shelf-ware by re-harvesting software that is ineffectively used.

SAMSimple is available for immediate use. Additional resources can be found here.