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SoftwareONE Discount Program for AWS

Maximize the Power of Your Flexibility

Achieve Significant Savings On AWS Purchases

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables you to move to the cloud faster while reducing your IT costs and scaling your business through a wide set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application and deployment services. The result is that IT is being treated less as a periodic capital investment and is instead transitioning into a world where pricing is closely tied to efficient use of resources. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand what drives cloud pricing so you can build a strategy to optimize it. As one of the key advantages, AWS operates without complex dependencies or licensing requirements so you get exactly what you need to build cost-effective solutions using cutting-the-edge technology and optimizing your costs to match your business needs.

Cutting Through the Complexity of Costs & Accounting

Customers are moving applications to the cloud at an unprecedented pace, but many want the help of a trusted advisor when it comes to software procurement and fulfillment. Because AWS rolls out new features and capabilities every six months, it may be hard for you to stay on top of everything that is newly released. SoftwareONE helps customers with significant cloud spend to plan and leverage their AWS strategy – bringing a deep expertise about cost optimization, cost negotiations, architecture, and integration pieces to the table.

Cost Control

Manage your budget with our PyraCloud platform to gain transparency and full control of your cloud and EDP spend


Streamline existing structures and build transparent business lines across departments and projects

Cost Optimization

Optimize your cost savings based on your consumption and find the ideal contract set-up to get the best out of your AWS investments

Account Structure

Create a ready-to-use accounting structure enabling individual billing processes in the countries of your choice

Expert Advisory

Trust an expert to monitor your cloud consumption and providing useful insights on proper contracts, support and licensing agreements

Save Money with the SoftwareONE Discount Program for AWS

When it comes to understanding pricing and optimizing your costs, it’s never too early to start. As your trusted advisor, SoftwareONE supports you in finding, comparing and deploying AWS software and other IT services that meet your business needs best. If your annual cloud consumption is supposed to reach 1+ Mio USD (depending on region), taking advantage of a special discount program offered by SoftwareONE will bring you immense cost savings.

AWS Private Pricing and AWS Enterprise Discount Program are great for enterprises with significant AWS consumption spend. When becoming a member of the SoftwareONE Discount Program for AWS we offer additional savings (up to 25% based on consumption level) on top to make sure you really get the best out of your AWS investments:

Reduce your costs significantly

  • 6-25% consumption discount in exchange for annual spend commitment ($1M USD minimum annual commitment; exceptions per region, for all consumption levels and investments being made on the AWS marketplace)

  • 1% additional discount in the form of SoftwareONE services credits that can be redeemed for any service of your choice provided by SoftwareONE

Create transparent billing structures

  • AWS account setup

  • Simplified AWS invoice with payment terms of your choice (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Local currency invoicing incl. VAT

  • E-mail-based support on billing issues

Plan Your Cloud Cost Management Strategies for AWS

Become a member of the SoftwareONE Discount Program for AWS and let SoftwareONE do the heavy work for you! We offer customers who existing Simple for AWS contracts, or have existing discount program contracts with AWS but would like to increase their cost savings, the opportunity to select 1 out of 2 solution packs for free to accelerate their AWS journey. Simply choose from the packages below and let us help boost your work with AWS.

Solution Pack 1:

Cost Optimization - Assessment

We help you to identify cost saving potentials and realize between 10-30% saving on your AWS consumption.

Solution Pack 2:

New Account

Optimize and build an account setup that really meets your business needs and ensures bank grade governance.

Start Your AWS Cost Optimization Journey Today

Let us guide you through the complexity of AWS and help you realize significant cost savings.

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Trust the Expert to Reach Your Business Goals

If you are part of the AWS Private Pricing or AWS Enterprise Discount Programs, you are automatically required to have AWS Enterprise Support. Although that means you can approach AWS directly for urgent issues, SoftwareONE can help accelerate the resolution through our “expert lane” that adds additional attractive features to your contract. Customers who have existing Simple for AWS contracts or have existing discount agreements with AWS but would like to increase their cost savings, will additionally benefit from our Partner-led support for AWS.

AWS Cloud Support

  • Support costs are tiered, and based on an aggregate of monthly recurring consumption

  • 24x7 support with response times starting at 1 hour

  • AWS Cost Management

SoftwareONE Partner-led Support

  • Support costs are tiered, and based on an aggregate of monthly recurring consumption

  • Additional 10% partner-led support discount on all consumption levels

  • 24x7 support with response times starting at 15 minutes (depending on contract option)

  • Service Success Manager to build a long-term strategy and receive proactive recommendations included

  • Monthly service report provided to nominated IT Administrator

  • Bi-monthly business review meeting with nominated IT Administrator and further contract partners

  • Easy Cost & Spend Management & Chargeback in PyraCloud from SoftwareONE

Take the Fast Lane with SoftwareONE

Increase your cost savings and benefit from our Partner-Led Support for AWS.

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