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Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain

Automatización del Proceso de compra

La adquisición de software puede constituir un proceso caro e intensivo en tiempo y en esfuerzo. Usted necesita un software que esté alineado con sus objetivos de negocio a largo plazo y que encaje con su infraestructura actual, pero no quiere gastar recursos en tecnología redundante o excesivamente cara. Los servicios de adquisición de SoftwareONE le pueden ayudar a manejar el proceso de adquisición de manera eficaz y rentable y a conservar el valor todo a lo largo del ciclo de vida del software, y todo ello desde un único sitio.

Common Challenges in Managing Software Spend

Knowledge & Resources

Maintaining in-house expertise across the entire software and cloud portfolio & maximizing contract value consistently is a challenge

Global Vision

Data Transparency

Having trustworthy entitlement and contract data in a single platform that allows for more informed and data-driven decision making is a major hurdle

Contract Management & Optimization

The limited ability to forecast and budget due to ineffective tools makes it harder to negotiate or consolidate contracts

Tail-End Transactional Costs

The tail-end vendors account for up to 90% of transactions and significant associated administrative costs

Shadow IT Spend

Without sufficient use of catalogs, organizations can’t control unsanctioned software spend and may be exposed to adverse use terms and pricing

Why DSCSimple?

IT procurement functions need to evolve into connected, efficient and digitized operations to address business demands more rapidly and effectively. A software digital supply chain is created through a seamless, integrated set of systems and activities across the software lifecycle to support these goals and this is the focus of SoftwareONE’s DSCSimple.

DSCSimple is our core managed service that revolutionizes and modernizes the traditional reseller offering, providing organizations with the right mix of tools, automated workflows and experts to realize the benefits of an effective software supply chain.

Download the DSCSimple Flyer

Business Outcomes

ONE Partner Model

Realize cost savings and efficiencies through a transparent business partnership with SoftwareONE that works toward your business outcomes

ONE Reporting & Insights

Save time & resources by having all your accurate spend & renewal reporting in real-time, via our intuitive platform

Contract Aggregation & Consolidation

Achieve economies of scale and improved commercial optimization by consolidating contracts & volume purchases

Optimization Settings

Process Efficiency & Digitization

Reduce requisition to order times by leveraging B2B integration & managed item catalogues

Contract Checklist

Programmatic Oversight & Governance

Service management, savings capture mechanisms & measurable SLAs to ensure maximum value realization and customer satisfaction

Data Analytics

Enhanced Data & Intelligence

Get your enriched & quality-assured entitlements & contracts data that can be ingested by leading SAM technologies automatically or via pre-filled templates

DSCSimple provides a single point of accountability for entitlements, transparency into and reduction of software spend through sourcing and volumizing, a reduced number of transactions annually, and a reduction of operational expenses related to procurement workflow.

Digital Supply Chain & PyraCloud

Powered by SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud platform and leveraging B2B integration with major eProcurement platforms, DSCSimple helps you automate processes to gain control of cost-intensive, transaction-heavy software procurement processes.

DSCSimple and PyraCloud

We help customers transform their software supply chain into a competitive advantage that enables IT & Procurement teams to operate with the versatility, speed and agility that’s needed in today’s quickly-changing technology landscape.

Digital Supply Chain Service Features

Request & Demand Management

Software Rationalization

Purchasing and Contract Terms

B2B Integration with eProcurement Systems

Contract Checklist

Proactive Renewal Management

Automation & Workflows

Oferta principal de Adquisición de Software

Business man works with the PyraCloud dashboard

Gestión integrada del Ciclo de Vida del software

Acceso en tiempo real a la información de su licencia y contrato de software, detalles de compra e informes, todo ello en un único e intuitivo portal.


Servicios de Gestión del Gasto

Gestión de su cartera de software para la reducción específica del gasto y gestión de riesgos de licencias todo a lo largo del proceso de adquisición.

Spend Management Finalized

Karen Chenery

“SoftwareONE provides support at every stage of the procurement process – from negotiating with vendors to recommending alternative products and providing real time reports.”

Senior Commercial Manager at Atkins IS

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