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El Programa de Socios ISV de SoftwareONE

El programa ISV de SoftwareONE ofrece herramientas y servicios para acelerar la migración a la nube y transformar su empresa ISV de manera fundamental. Además, nuestro programa flexible proporciona a los proveedores de software independientes (ISV, por sus siglas en inglés) los medios para adaptarse y llegar a nuevos mercados; trabajar con el equipo de CSP Indirecto de SoftwareONE puede ayudarle a alinear unas soluciones de cliente exclusivas y asegurar un retorno más rápido para las partes interesadas en ISV.

Al fin y al cabo, resolver problemas complejos de software y de negocio puede ser un reto para cualquier empresa digital en crecimiento. Al desarrollar y ejecutar soluciones en la nube, SoftwareONE puede ayudarle a adaptar su negocio minimizando los riesgos derivados de las importantes inversiones iniciales y permitiendo que se concentre en su negocio principal.

Addressing the challenges facing the modern ISV

ISVs and solution developers may find themselves with a spectrum of challenges as they work to bring new offerings to market while meeting the needs of their clients. Addressing security, compliance, availability, reliability and performance across the business are only a few of the issues facing the modern ISVs. Ensuring the business continues to innovate, optimizes expenses and drives economies of scale are likely among the top priorities ISV owners and executives. With all these demands on the business, how do you remain competitive and ensure you are building long-term client value?

Addressing the Challenges Facing the Modern ISV

Current State Review and Consultancy

All engagements start with an understanding of the business needs and challenges. Our industry specialists assess the health of the business across the entire lifecycle and provide advanced support, advice and guidance in line with your organization’s goals. You will maintain your competitive edge by staying on top of current trends, industry developments and opportunities where you can capitalize.

Design a Technical Blueprint to Drive Efficiencies

Optimizing your IT infrastructure to assure your solutions are built for long-term success is one of the most critical factors in driving profitability back into your business. Gaining control of rising expenses, ensuring your systems are performing at peak performance while maintaining the highest level of security and availability must be addressed.

Creating a Joint Go-To-Market Strategy

Your solutions are market-ready and customer demand is high, but reaching the clients is a challenge. Scaling your solutions across the globe to customers of all sizes can be daunting without the sales force, existing customer base or modern marketing infrastructure. We support the design and execution of a joint go-to-market plan with agreed upon KPIs and deliverables.

Accelerate Growth and Integrate New Offerings

Identifying the formula for success, measuring the impact of our plans, and creating repeatable process drives accelerated growth. High client satisfaction and testimonials are critical to reaching new customers. We will build new offerings, co-sell, and invest into our success to further advance our portfolio and partnership.

Benefits of SoftwareONE's ISV Program

ISV Industry Specialist

A personal point of contact supports you through the full business cycle and keeps you abreast of industry trends that will guide your business decisions.

Cloud Optimization

Maximize the benefits of cloud solutions, monitoring, preventative maintenance, and overall optimization of your environment.


Design a co-sell and joint go-to-market approach to boost your business. Identify opportunities to align with other tech companies to launch new offerings.

Accelerate Growth

Invest in emerging growth opportunities based on the demands of the market. Develop vertical solutions and build a new loyal customer base.

Why SoftwareONE?

30+ Years of Experience

By combining our commercial, technological, compliance, and governance expertise into innovative Software Portfolio Management (SPM) offerings, we support customers by ensuring their IT investments are planned and managed cost-effectively throughout the entire lifecycle to meet business needs.

Geographic Coverage

SoftwareONE is globally headquartered in Stans, Switzerland. We have 88 local subsidiaries with local sales and clients served in more than 145 countries.

Publisher Reach & Client Base

SoftwareONE has independent expertise on a broad publisher portfolio covering more than 10,000 publishers, from demand to design, and manages 4.2 million SKUs from over 27,000 clients globally.

ONEClub Advantage for ISVs

SoftwareONE’s ONEClub is your key to global growth by optimizing your infrastructure, controlling costs, and developing modern solutions. ISVs are our customers and we provide a consultative approach to improve compliancy, security, and overall solution management.

Build Long-term Customer Relationships Through Expanded Service Offerings and Innovation

Servicios Gestionados

Simple de SoftwareONE proporciona orientación y experiencia para simplificar la gestión de software y activos en Cloud.


Nuestras soluciones

Impulsamos la transformación digital de las empresas de nuestros clientes mediante soluciones y servicios innovadores de tecnología y en la nube.


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