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SoftwareONE Advances its Software Lifecycle Management Portfolio with the Acquisition of Cutting-Edge Governance Technology, SAMSentry

Industry-leading benchmark tool for real-time assessments and industry insights based on over 10,000 review hours

Today, SoftwareONE, a global leading Platform, Solutions and Services company, announced that it has recently acquired SAMSentry, a software governance technology. The technology will be incorporated into SoftwareONE’s managed services portfolio, to work in conjunction with industry-leading Software Asset Management (SAM) technologies such as Flexera, Snow and ServiceNow. To drive additional value across the software estate and existing technology investments; while visualizing findings and tracking on-going improvements.

SAMSentry utilizes insights derived from machine learning across millions of data points to manage and measure organizations against industry best practice, based on over 10,000 consultancy hours. Through its dashboard, SAMSentry helps organizations understand what action needs to be taken to improve efficiency and high-risk internal processes. With a focus on the latest security, data protection and cloud management standards, SAMSentry uses blockchain technology on Microsoft Azure cloud.

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"At SoftwareONE, we never stand still when searching for the best solutions and services that make the difference to our customers. SAMSentry is a unique solution. It’s a visual dashboard of maturity assessments combined with industry insights, project tracking and recommendations. It is a unique and compelling solution in the market, and we are thrilled to be able to offer it to our customers."

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Sobre SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE es un proveedor tecnológico global líder en soluciones y servicios Cloud, con un portfolio diseñado para ayudar a las empresas en el proceso de transformación digital y desarrollo comercial y tecnológico mediante la modernización de aplicaciones, evolución de su infraestructura, migraciones de cargas de trabajo criticas en Cloud, administración y gestión de activos y la optimización y protección del puesto puesto de trabajo. Todo este offering queda conectado por Pyracloud, plataforma digital propia patentada que proporciona a los clientes inteligencia procesable basada en datos, visibilidad, control de costes y agilización en los procesos de compra.

Con más de 7.700 expertos tecnológicos, SoftwareONE tiene presencia en más de 90 países, desde los que da soporte a mas de 65.000 clientes repartidos en mas de 150 paises, proporcionando soluciones tecnológicas de 7.500 fabricantes como Microsoft, AWS, Google, Citrix, DELL-EMC, VMware, Nutanix, Commvault, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, Citrix, Red Hat y muchos más.

Las acciones de SoftwareONE (SWON) cotizan en SIX Swiss Exchange.

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