Inviting Employees, Customers and Partners to a

Skype Meeting on the Road

Managing Conferences: Inviting Employees, Customers and Partners to a Skype Meeting When on the Road

“You’d think it would be possible in this day and age!” And you’re absolutely right, since the idea of getting “everyone around the same table” is an obsolete principle nowadays. Modern collaboration is dynamic and overcomes spatial boundaries – and yes, it is possible when you’re on the road. So what do you need? Not much. Office 365 Enterprise E5 and Skype for Business provide simple and efficient support. You can even include important persons in project meetings, wherever they happen to be. We’ll explain how all this works with just one click.

Getting everyone around the same table – the classic collaboration problem

The meeting was scheduled and set in stone some time ago. All of the important persons have reserved the time in their calendars. And then? You can probably imagine. Priorities change, and the colleague with the most background knowledge is unable to attend. You can’t get them into the call from where they are, losing valuable time and putting the brakes on project progress. Deadlines come and go, the customer starts to get jittery, and a new appointment for all the relevant stakeholders to get around the same table is a distant pipedream.

Using a share link and cellphone to attend meetings

The scenario outlined above is among the key problems in everyday project management. In many companies, employees face the difficult challenge of being unable to include customers, partners or employees who are currently traveling in a conference call. It’s just as well that you and your colleagues no longer need a table and can get together in a virtual conference room – if it weren’t for the familiar stumbling blocks.

Office 365 Enterprise E5, Skype for Business and just one click

he extensive features offered by Office 365 Enterprise E5 mean that it takes just one click to attend your online meeting. Telephone System and Audio Conference give you the freedom for making calls and forwarding them on a wide range of devices, while also letting you take part in meetings via telephone and a dial-in number.

Using this solution, anyone can attend conferences with just one click and on any device. All you need to do is decide whether the meeting starts immediately or you’d prefer to schedule a date for later on in Outlook. The meeting URL is dedicated just for you.

Manage and log your online conferences however you choose

Would you like to share comments or annotations in real-time during the meeting or keep the results for colleagues to review later on, but without investing too much time? Simply share your screen with up to 250 persons, add your annotations directly to the PowerPoint presentations and demonstrate how amazingly productive teamwork can be with Office 365 Enterprise E5. Whiteboards, surveys, Q&A sessions and integrated chats: You’ll have plenty of scope for creative freedoms!

Enhancing integrity through security and impeccable quality

Skype for Business gives you a host of options – from muting mode to assignable speaker rights – to manage and control your conferences as efficiently as possible. The video and audio streams are encrypted, while broadcast in HD quality and additional features like automatic cropping and face tracking help to concentrate on the content presented by your meeting participants.

An overview of the important features of Office 365 Enterprise E5 and Skype for Business

  • Telephone System and Audio Conference to attend meetings when on the road
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Participation on any device
  • Screen sharing and integrated chat
  • Shares and content control
  • Desktop and app sharing
  • PowerPoint upload and whiteboards
  • URL invites

Want to Learn More about Voice & Conferencing?

Teamwork is more important today than ever before: We can show you how Office 365 E5 helps create seamless communication throughout your company.

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