Your Single Source for Managed Backup Resources

Your Single Source for

Managed Backup Resources

Your Single Source for Managed Backup Resources

Since data is so integral to the success of business functions, organizations must ensure that it is secure. Data can be irrecoverably lost or altered – through cyber-attacks, employee errors, or a host of other complications – which can bring business operations to a standstill.

However, as IT environments become more complex between on-premises data centers and the cloud, tracking, cleansing, and backing up the data is challenging. This challenge is compounded by the increase in multi-cloud environments that require IT teams to correlate and centralize data being stored across multiple cloud service providers. IT teams have faced these types of challenges before, managing the influx of applications and shadow IT brought in by different lines of business across distributed environments, and the increased use of cloud storage highlights the need for how important backup solutions are yet again.

96% of global IT decision makers experienced at least one outage in the past three years.


Companies experiencing frequent outages had 16x higher costs than organizations with fewer instances.


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Recuperación ante desastres como servicio (DRaaS)

SoftwareONE Romania implementó Disaster Recovery como un servicio basado en Microsoft Azure y Veeam Cloud Connect. La reducción de los costos de respaldo y recuperación de TI en más del 30 por ciento fue uno de los resultados.


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Gain Complete Control of Your Backup & Recovery Environment: Our Services

Gain Complete Control of Your Backup & Recovery Environment

Elimina el riesgo y la complejidad al simplificar el proceso y almacenar toda tu información en nuestra nube

Two IT security experts secure cloud environment

Secure Your Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments in Azure & AWS

With our Cloud Workload Security service we plan, configure, implement and support the security of the virtual servers within your Azure and/or AWS environment, including on-premises data centers.


Improve Your Security, Compliance & Governance within Microsoft 365

Our Managed 365 Security service enables your organization to effectively respond to security incidents and realize the full benefits and return on Microsoft 365 security investments.


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