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SLM Cost Take-Out

Identify, prioritize and implement savings within Software Lifecycle Management

Identify, prioritize and implement savings within Software Lifecycle Management

At SoftwareONE, we call the combination of digitized procurement and software asset management Software Lifecycle Management (SLM).

SLM is an incredibly complicated subject because a large number of commercial and technical issues are closely interlinked. Factors such as changes in strategy by software manufacturers or ever-changing business requirements make SLM even more complicated.

To address these challenging times, SoftwareONE has created SLM Cost Take-Out, a unique software savings program to help IT executives show quick wins in the areas of software cost reduction, cost avoidance and overall risk reduction.

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Common Challenges

Some of the most common challenges our customers experience with software and cloud cost control include:

Cloud Economics

Gaining visibility of cloud spend and understanding all existing possibilities to reduce costs

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Software Rationalization

Reducing or substituting existing software products with cheaper alternatives or open source, harmonizing deployments with real needs

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Contract Complexity

Understanding complex contract terms and available use rights, optimizing purchasing conditions and options

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Software Spend

Removing unused software, inactive users and their access rights and purchasing only what’s really needed and used

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Operating Model

Enforcing clear policies & procedures, optimizing processes and reducing administration expenses

SLM Cost Take-Out | Our Approach

The SLM Cost Take-Out program consists of the following three phases:

Phase 1:

Cost Take-Out Diagnostics

For 1-3 days, we analyze your company‘s situation by interviewing stakeholders and relevant data such as software consumption, broken down by manufacturer. For this purpose, we use SLM Diagnostics, a service that supports and accelerates the determination of your SAM maturity level, analyzes the data, and makes the results and status visible in clearly arranged dashboards.

Phase 2:

Cost Take-Out Selection

We compare the results of the analysis with our approaches to saving and avoiding costs, which have proven successful in previous projects. Using the knowledge gained in Phase 1 combined with our Cost Take-Out Hypothesis Database, we determine potential savings initiatives. From this we generate an action plan. This takes a maximum of one day.

Phase 3:

Cost Take-Out Execution

Phase 3 is all about action – SoftwareONE and your team works together to realize and track the agreed initiatives. The duration is completely flexible and depends on your requirements.

SLM Cost Take-Out Value

SLM Cost Take-Out Value: Speed, Flexibility, Variability, Savings

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