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Cloud FinOps Diagnostic

Understand, Plan and Improve Cloud Maturity

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic

Today’s business demands are driving more workloads into the cloud. IT is being asked to deliver more innovative solutions to both employees and customers faster than ever.

However, cloud migration is not an easy decision, and you are faced with countless factors to consider, such as:

  • What platform to choose
  • What workloads to migrate
  • Maintaining compliance with existing software investments
  • Staying secure

Coming to a final conclusion with all these variables at play can be overwhelming, however SoftwareONE’s Cloud FinOps Diagnostic service can help by establishing a baseline across your business on cloud maturity – and sharing best practices along the way. We can help you enable your enterprise to innovate with cloud technologies – specifically Azure and AWS.

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Common Challenges

Some of the most common challenges our cloud customers experience include:

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Having the resource & knowledge to make the most out of cloud investments

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Understanding the best cloud strategy and the adoption of it

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Executing best security practices & mitigating risk


Proper collaboration with internal & external parties supported by mature Cloud Governance framework

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Understanding the technical & commercial optimization options and the feasibility of implementing them

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Service

One of SoftwareONE’s cloud experts will gather information using an assessment focused on your Cloud Alignment, Maturity, Strategy, Security Optimization and Platform. Following that, we provide recommendations around the potential services that will help you reach your goal.

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Architecture

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Dashboards

Our digitized approach helps you save time and effort on tailored process assessments by providing dashboards that cover a 360-degree view of your current status.

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Value

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic helps you identify the gaps in your current process and governance and learn best practice approaches. With this service you can build an objective business case that includes ROI and key facts and figures to gain financial buy-in from stakeholders. 

The results can be benchmarked against industry best practices and organizations similar to yours. With Cloud FinOps Diagnostic you can track the progress of your maturity and lower your risk of overspending in the cloud.

Assess your current maturity

Understand your strengths & weaknesses

Benchmark your practices

Gain visibility of how you stand against your competition

Increase clarity across business units

With SoftwareONE facilitating best practices and discussion from different view points

Improve maturity level

With recommendations and actions defined by SoftwareONE experts

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SoftwareONE certified

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No podríamos estar más complacidos de anunciar las certificaciones de FinOps de SoftwareONE y PyraCloud y nuestra sociedad con FinOps Foundation. Conozca más sobre esta nueva aventura.


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