Case Study

Global Software Asset Management Optimized in the Cloud

Global Software Asset Management Optimized in the Cloud

Esprit Gains Enhanced Compliance and Cost Controls Thanks to Optimized SLM Capabilities

Esprit is a fashion brand with business in over 40 countries. Its competitive strategy includes careful software license management and cost controls. But, technical hurdles in the operation of the Flexera Software Asset Management (SAM) tool have made enterprise-wide license management of Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle licenses for 5,500 global users more difficult. Supported by SoftwareONE expertise, Esprit has optimized its enterprise-wide Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) capabilities. The company has simplified its license management on a global basis, migrated the Flexera solution to the cloud, and eased the burden on internal resources. SLMAdvanced* - a key service of SoftwareONE’s Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) solution has also helped Esprit to assess risks and improve organizational performance with enhanced compliance and cost controls. 

*formerly SAM Managed service

David Piaskowski

“We at Esprit appreciate the end-to-end services of SoftwareONE and the extraordinary technical sophistication of the project managers. Since we've been working together, Software License Management has become a lot easier for us.”

Strategic Procurement Manager IT, Esprit

The Project

  • Customer: Esprit Europe

  • Industry: Fashion Manufacturer

  • Solution: SLMAdvanced* - a key service of SoftwareONE’s Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) solution - for Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle licenses for 5,500 users worldwide based on Flexera’s SAM cloud solution *formerly SAM Managed service

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About the Customer

Esprit is a fashion organization that designs, manufactures and sells clothing, footwear and accessories for women, men and children. The brands, Esprit and edc, stand for lightness, authenticity and light-heartedness and offer the right outfit for every occasion, whether modern, elegant, sporty or casual. Esprit attaches great importance to durability, natural materials and sustainable production. The fashion manufacturer‘s products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide throughout over 580 of its own stores as well as approximately 5,400 wholesale locations.

The Challenge

In order to remain competitive in today‘s modern working world, Esprit attaches great importance to cost control for software licenses and their optimal management. The IT experts at the well-known fashion manufacturer have to manage Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle licenses for a total of 5,500 users worldwide. In this global scenario, usage rights are complicated and sometimes difficult to understand. The risk of vendor audits is increasing. In addition, technical hurdles in the operation of the Flexera Software Asset Management (SAM) tool have made enterprise-wide license management more difficult. “We became aware of SoftwareONE‘s SAM Managed Service* offer during a customer meeting on the subject of license management and were enthusiastic about the technical know-how and expertise of the SoftwareONE team right from the start,” explains David Piaskowski, Strategic Procurement Manager IT at Esprit.

*now SLMAdvanced

The Solution

With SoftwareONE’s expertise Esprit has gradually optimized its enterprise-wide Software Lifecycle Management (SLM). The aim was to simplify management for all Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle software licenses distributed worldwide while simultaneously taking the burden off internal resources. This task was demanding and complex. It required a migration of the Flexera SAM solution already in use, which had previously been hosted by a third-party provider. In order to obtain the data more quickly and directly from the tool, it had to be completely re-integrated into the Flexera cloud solution, interfaces had to be rebuilt and all previous license purchases had to be re-incorporated into the tool.

“We didn‘t expect the changeover to be so fast. After only three months, we were able to generate the first license report directly from Flexera. This was the first step towards productive operation and it was smoother than expected,“ explains David Piaskowski. The high level of trust between SoftwareONE and Esprit further led to the expansion of the business partnership over the course of the project. With the help of the subsequent license consulting, Esprit was able to significantly optimize the company-wide use of Microsoft products and applications in particular.

After the initial change of hosting for the Flexera tool, SoftwareONE helped Esprit‘s IT experts evaluate and gradually improve the current license and compliance status. To this end, tailor-made processes were developed and implemented to minimize financial and legal risks in the company. At the heart of SoftwareONE‘s Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) program* is the ability to identify and assess risks while developing risk mitigation strategies to improve the overall performance of an organization. Thanks to this proactive approach, internal IT resources at Esprit can now focus on strategic issues rather than day to day operational tasks.

*formerly SAM program

The Result

  • Enhanced compliance through cost-effective SoftwareONE proposals
  • Improved license balance with minimal effort
  • Speed of feedback and support for problems or technical questions
  • Proactive identification of potential areas for improvement
  • Reduced burden on internal resources
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