Backing up Your Data in Microsoft 365


Backing up Your Data in Microsoft 365

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One of the main difficulties of running a remote business is the increased chance of losing business data. Increasingly, many business-relevant activities are handled through Microsoft 365 (M365). However, with just one click, you can accidentally delete important files. Additionally, there are a myriad of challenges threatening the security of your data.

This eBook provides a detailed look at some of the typical use case scenarios within Microsoft 365 that could cause the loss of your business data and an explanation of why you should implement a data backup & recovery plan. We also show you how SoftwareONE’s BackupSimple can easily help you stay in control of your M365 data – at any time, on any device.

Find out:

  • Is your data protected in the cloud?
  • What kind of recovery scenarios can happen and why you should back up your Microsoft 365 data.
  • How BackupSimple from SoftwareONE can help you to develop a proper backup strategy.