Windows Server 2016 Comes to SPLA – Hollywood’s Reaction to This Latest Announcement

August 15, 2016
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Back in December 2015, Microsoft announced that the release of Windows Server 2016 would result in a change from processor-based licensing to a core-based model. In our December blog post “Windows Server and System Center 2016: A Change in Licensing,” we referenced the increased cost implications for servers utilizing greater than the 8:1 core-to-processor ratio.

Microsoft has just finalized the release date of the new model that will hit the SPLA pricelist on October 1st. Below you can find Brett LaForge’s short video covering the major changes:

But on a more serious note, we’ve polled some of Hollywood’s greatest personalities to get their reaction on the announcement. Below you’ll find some unadulterated responses to our interviews on Sunset Boulevard.

What are the net impacts of the 2016 release?

Costs are going up for servers with greater than 8 cores per processor, with each physical processor needing a minimum of 8 core licenses.

We have been reminding our partners since we first heard of the change, so we hope your reaction to this reminder is similar to Craig Robinson’s when we asked him for the third time if he was aware that each physical processer required a minimum of 8 core licenses:

Reporting processes will need to adapt to collect core vs. proc data which, like King Arthur who stumbles across a worthy adversary, will require drastic measures to ensure your ongoing journey toward license compliance continues unabated and with no more than “just a flesh wound.”

However, 2-Core SKU’s will be available at a fraction of the current processor cost for those processors with greater than 8 cores. We caught Mike Myers on his way to 1992, and he appreciated our insider knowledge of SPLA about as much, if not more, than Alice Cooper’s knowledge of Milwaukee (which, by the way, is the location of SoftwareONE’s US headquarters!)

Functionality differences will exist between Std vs. DataCenter:

Media to further elaborate on the differences is expected to be available on the VLSC by October 12.

How long do I have to prepare for these changes?

For all installations of Win Server 2016, the model applies from the moment of install. For legacy installations, you can report under the 2012 R2 model until the expiration of your existing agreement. If you wish to avail of the longest period possible for the processor model, you may want to evaluate signing a new agreement prior to October to have the full 36 month term.

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