Why Streamlined Onboarding Is Essential to Customer Success

September 15, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

An exceptional customer experience is essential for any organization providing value-added services. From start-to-finish and beyond, customers want to be guided through structured processes that can be tailored towards their unique needs. This ability to be streamlined, yet flexible is critical for establishing a long-term, trusted relationship.

Proper onboarding of new clients is critical to the success of the service provider-client relationship.

Service providers need to ensure new customers understand the new system and are comfortable with the service provider’s processes. When SoftwareONE onboards a new customer into its system, we ensure our customers receive:

Customized Set-Up for the Software Lifecycle Portal. A tailored catalog so that the end user will not see price levels or products that they should not purchase.

Ongoing Software Lifecycle Portal Training. The sessions may include training for specific user permission levels, as well as local language training for countries outside of the USA.

Assistance with Software Asset Inventory. The Software Lifecycle Portal includes the ability to import asset information so you will have a “one stop shop” for all of your software assets.  In addition to importing data, all purchases made through SoftwareONE will be tracked and easily reported.

SoftwareONE led Quarterly Business Reviews. We will conduct quarterly business reviews to ensure all contracts are being maximized, maintenance renewals are on time, and to evaluate purchase history.

Global Address Tree Set-Up and Creation. During the onboarding process, we will gather and collate this information in a cohesive manner. This not only makes the reporting features of the Software Lifecycle Portal accurate, but provides valuable data for our clients. Some key benefits of setting up a Company Address Tree include:

  • Global scheduled and automated reporting capabilities.
  • Define a specific catalog of products within a specific region for Procurement purposes.
  • Create local and global products favorites per user/per company standard.
  • Procurement approval process per region or individual location
  • Flexibility of asset tracking by specific address level.
  • Provide clarity of global coverage expectations from customer and SWO team.
  • Alignment of local currency with each subsidiary within the tree.
  • Provide the customer with a company address tree they can publish within their own organization from a Marketing perspective.
  • Multiple bill to and ship to options that can be established on the portal through the address tree creation process.

Customer Onboarding aligns SoftwareONE’s project framework with our customers’ specific requirements.

This process has been optimized for international and domestic customers alike, ensuring customers across the globe receive the same exceptional service when working with any SoftwareONE subsidiary.

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