Why Does SAM Stumble in the Dark – Recording and Recap

May 1, 2018
Quincy Johnson


Quincy Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

SoftwareONE presented the first in a three-part webinar series, “Why Does SAM Stumble in the Dark,” last month. In case you missed it, the full recording can be found here and below is a recap of how we helped businesses uncover why their SAM efforts are failing.

The current Software Asset Management (SAM) landscape for most organizations today can be described as chaotic at best. The statistics certainly back this up with Gartner finding that 90% of organizations do not have effective SAM tooling or processes in place, and only 60% of spend is under management by IT procurement (CPO Agenda, 2015). There is hope though, as it has been found that organizations that effectively implement SAM see upwards of a 30% reduction in software spend in just one year. (Gartner).

SAM, as we define it, is the people, process, and technology necessary for the effective management, control, and protection of the software assets and investments throughout all stages of the software lifecycle.

Successful Software Asset Management best practices

The combination of people, process and technology are imperative for a successful SAM implementation – without solid data, the right tool and  continuous methodology and people expertise in place the overall SAM strategy will likely fail.

It takes time and patience to reach a level of SAM maturity that works for your business needs and organization but once there, it provides cost savings, risk avoidance in terms of both security breaches and audit, as well as optimization of your current software supply chain.

Do you need to build the business case for SAM in your organization? View the Why does SAM Stumble in the Dark webinar to unlock our ROI-focused business case and if you have any questions on the webinar’s ROI model please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Be sure to register for the second webinar in our three-part series, “Get Your Assets Out of the Shadows,” to be held May 16th to gain a full understanding of how to move your organization to a mature SAM state.

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