Which Office 365 Support Option Is Best for You?

December 22, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Customers gain entitlements for Office 365 Support regardless of whether it was purchased through Microsoft itself or through one of its certified partners. However, the depth of support varies depending on whether you go through Microsoft or one of its Cloud Solution Providers (CSP).

The following table outlines the main differences between each option:

Office 365 Support – Basic

With the purchase of an Office 365 tenant, customers receive unlimited technical, pre-sales, and billing/subscription incidents with Office 365 Support. However, as illustrated in the above chart, there is no escalated/advanced support, which is only offered through Microsoft’s Premier Support or through a CSP partner.

Microsoft Premier Support for Office 365

To gain an elevated level of support, the customer would need to purchase a premier contract from Microsoft. The purchase of a Premier Support Contract has both problem resolution and proactive services available.

The catch though is that when an incident is opened, the customer pays for the incident with the prepaid number of hours that were purchased with the contract. If the problem resolution requires 10 hours to find a solution, then 10 hours are withdrawn from the contract balance. However, you receivemore specialized resources for problem resolution.

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Support for Office 365

And finally, Microsoft created a new program that allows certified partners to facilitate the support of the Microsoft Cloud called the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

With this program, every named Office 365 subscription comes with a support contract as well. With CSP, the customer, like Office 365 Support, receives unlimited incidents for the monthly subscription from the third party provider; in addition, the CSP provider backs this basic support contract with a Microsoft Premier Contract as well, which allows the CSP provider to open a support incident on behalf of the customer. Therefore, the customer ultimately receives coverage with a Premier Support contract without purchasing the contracts themselves. Furthermore, the hours spent to troubleshoot the problem are not charged to the customer.

As a certified Cloud Solution Provider, SoftwareONE is proud to provide support options tailored to the unique needs of Microsoft Office 365 customers. The customers’ nominated administrative contacts have the ability to directly create Incident and Service Requests online, or call SoftwareONE to provide Cloud Support on their behalf – again with the elevated level of support provided in Microsoft’s Premier Contract.

SoftwareONE has various support centers with local phone numbers across many countries and in many different languages, ensuring our customers receive timely technical support from qualified professionals. If you would like to speak with a SoftwareONE Cloud Support Specialist about the intricacies of Office 365’s support options, then click the banner below and complete the following form for a Cloud Support Specialist to reach out to you.

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