Web vSphere Optimization Assessment – A Comprehensive Healthcheck for your Virtual Infrastructure

October 29, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

By now, every IT professional knows the benefits of virtualization. Companies of all sizes have increased the compute density of their environment by maximizing underutilized resources while simultaneously reducing physical space, power, and cooling requirements. However, just as physical environments can be underutilized, so are most virtual ones that don’t run a management and automation solution. Without proper visibility, there are VMs in almost every virtual environment that are oversized, wasting resources, and not performing efficiently due to misconfigurations.

How do you know if VMware’s Operations Management solutions are a fit for your environment?

Answer: the vSphere Optimization Assessment (vOA).

The vOA begins with the deployment and configuration of the VMware collector appliances, which provides us with the data unique to your environment. Our VMware certified experts walk you through the results compiled into a report that outlines the technical benefits of deploying VMware’s operations management tools. This report can easily be customized to outline technical and financial efficiencies that can be had through the solution.

It leverages the automation capabilities of vCenter Operations Management Suite to provide you with a comprehensive view of your environment in a single console highlighting Health, Risk, and Efficiency in a quantifiable metric.

Clients all over the world make the most of their virtual environments through vOAs delivered by our technical services team members, and we’re pleased to announce that SoftwareONE will soon be able to offer you a self-service option directly through softwareone.com before the end of 2015. While we still recommend engaging your account manager to bring in one of our consultants to realize the full value of the assessment, for those of you that have the ability and resources to do a self-install that option will become available.

How is the web vOA different from one delivered by our technical services team?

Actually, the end result of both vOAs are the same. The customizable report doesn’t change but the web version allows those of you with the technical ability to do a self-install (with step-by-step instructions) of the application via a download directly from softwareone.com. Do note, the file is several GB’s large. You can follow the step-by-step instructions from self-install all the way through the second last stage of the vOA by going this route. All that will be left is to give us a call or send us an email to get our in-house VMware Specialist to walk you through the results. Of course, at any given stage of the process you can always contact us to get one of our specialists involved immediately.

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