VMware Updates Its vSphere, vSOM, vCenter Server, vRealize and vCloud Suite Product Price Catalog

February 11, 2016
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

In a move to simplify their product suites and address customer use scenarios, VMware is consolidating their vSphere portfolio from six options to three. Furthermore, to help simplify customers’ access point into the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), vCloud will now be simplified into Enterprise Plus and vRealize product lines only too.

We understand this might be a tad confusing, so let’s focus on the key details.

General availability of new VMware product suites March 1st

Currently, vSphere consists of vSphere Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. However, to simplify the VMware product portfolio, vSphere will only consist of Standard and Enterprise Plus, thus eliminating the Enterprise edition.

For the vSphere with Operations Manager lines, vSOM Standard and vSOM Enterprise will face EOA and get wrapped into vSOM Enterprise Plus along with a $150 price hike per CPU. But to mitigate that initial cost, from February 10th to June 25th, existing customers who upgrade from the Enterprise editions to the Enterprise Plus additions, or Enterprise to vSOM Enterprise Plus, will receive a 50% off promotion from VMware.

VMware customers will have until March 31st to place any legacy purchase orders for vSphere Enterprise, vSOM Standard, and vSOM Enterprise, with the ability to renew up until 2020. Install base entitlement paths for vSphere and vSOM are shown below:

1. Option to upgrade from ENT to ENT+ at a 50% discount off the upgrade license price from February 10 to June 25, 2016.
2. Supported through end of general support date (March 2020 for vSphere Enterprise 6.0).
3. vROps STD (CPU) à la carte for entitlements only, not for new sales.

Lastly, as of April 1st vCenter Server Standard has a $1,000 price increase, and a 25 OSI pack added entitlement of vRealize Log Insight going to all customers moving forward.

vCloud splits into Enterprise Plus and vRealize product lines only

vCloud will be simplified in its offering and will only consist of vSphere Enterprise Plus and it’s appropriate vRealize Suite edition with respect to Standard, Advanced and Enterprise offerings. VMware Site Recovery Manager will be removed from vCloud Enterprise.

All customers with vCloud licenses and on active SnS are entitled to all components of vCloud 6.0 and 7.0. Furthermore, another purchasing option of vRealize Suites will allow for Portable License Units (PLUs), which allows the per CPU vRealize Suite licenses to be interchangeable to manage non-vSphere and non-vCloud Air public cloud instances for 15 OSI per CPU. Making it a one stop shop for managing all major hypervisors and public cloud offerings within its tool set.

Naturally, this announcement is bound to stir up a variety of questions. If you would like better clarification regarding your specific VMware install-base, either reach out to your SoftwareONE representative, or click the banner below and complete the following form for a SoftwareONE Rep to contact you!

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