VMware Optimization Assessment – Your First Step Toward a Healthy Data Center

April 9, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

How can IT leaders make fast, efficient, and accurate decisions to optimize their datacenters? With a tool that offers insight into IT workload capacity and performance, and is designed for running business critical applications at high service levels to improve data center health, higher capacity utilization, consolidation ratios, and hardware savings.

VMware’s vSphere is the unquestionable leader in data center virtualization technology, and the VMware vSphere Optimization Assessment (vOA) is the first step to helping IT gain visibility into the full impact and root cause of an issue before the entire business is impacted.

The below three minute video demonstrates the dashboard of vOA while showing how organizations can:

  • Cut time to problem resolution by 26%
  • Spot over-provisioned VMs and reduce IT admin costs
  • Save up to 30% on hardware by increasing capacity utilization
  • Easily predict and respond to future business needs

If you would like to see how the vOA can help you manage the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, click the banner below to schedule a consultation with a SoftwareONE Technical Specialist.

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