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July 1, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

VMware expanded its End-User Computing group with its acquisition of AirWatch in February 2014. Not only would VMware continue as the leader in virtualized infrastructure, but now it has assumed the throne as the leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management and security solutions.

As defined by Gartner, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps organizations integrate mobile devices into their security frameworks and IT lifecycles. It moves beyond Mobile Device Management (MDM) by providing application and content management, as well as hardware and application inventory, OS configuration, mobile app deployment and configuration, remote view and control for troubleshooting, and the execution of remote actions. With the combined power of AirWatch and VMware, end users are able to work efficiently from any device, while IT can rest assured they’re using the most advanced EMM solution.

VMware AirWatch has everything you need for Enterprise Mobility Management.

Gartner defines four core categories necessary to encompass the EMM suite. Below, we define these four areas as they pertain to VMware AirWatch.

1.  Mobile Device Management 

Mobile Device Management is a platform lifecycle management technology that applies management and policy control to individual apps, OS configuration, and remote wipe/control for troubleshooting. Additional functionalities include:

  • Single Management Console – A simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from the central admin console.
  • Simple Enrollment – Allows both administrators and end users to enroll devices.
  • Profiles – Allows you to define enterprise settings, policies and restrictions for devices. Can be deployed to an organization group, user group or individual users
  • Device Commands and Messaging – Send commands on-demand to devices like device query, clear passcode, send message, lock device, find device, set roaming, remote view, sync device and perform an enterprise or device wipe

AirWatch® Laptop Management

AirWatch® Laptop Management enables you to manage Chromebooks, Mac OS, and Windows laptops alongside your smartphones and tablets in a single console.

  • Configuration Management – Configure corporate resources for laptops and ensure secure connectivity to back-end systems with certificate authentication and per-app VPN.
  • Software Distribution – Create an automated workflow for software, apps, files, scripts and commands & configure installation during enrollment, which may be on-demand or at a pre-defined time.
  • Asset Tracking – Monitor, track and manage laptop inventory from a single console.
  • Remote Assistance – Provide support to your end users with remote assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Endpoint Protection – Protection against malicious attacks and full disk encryption.
  • User Enablement – Enable users with self-enrollment and automatically configure laptops once they are enrolled.

2.  Mobile Application Management 

Mobile Application Management also applies management and policy controls to individual apps, but delivers this through the enterprise app store which is managed locally if the company elects not to install an MDM agent for added security/management measures. Additional functionality includes:

  • Procure – Integration with public app stores.
  • Develop – Build apps with the AirWatch Software Development Kit ; wrap existing internal applications for advanced security with AirWatch App Wrapping.
  • Secure – Enable restrictions, app whitelists and blacklists, user policies, enterprise wipe in case of theft, wrapping existing with AirWatch App Wrapping.
  • Dynamic deploy – Push applications automatically or stage an app to deploy in the future through the Unified App Catalog install app.
  • Manage – View app inventory, versions, status, ratings and more, plus how many users have installed an app versus how many were assigned to the app. Enable single-click app installation and removal in the console.

3.  Mobile Identity

Mobile identity ensures only trusted devices and users access enterprise applications.

Secure Messaging – AirWatch® Chat

Enterprise-grade messaging solution enabling users to send instant messages and images securely within your enterprise.

  • Employee Communication – Users can instantly communicate with one another in a secure environment.
  • User Experience – Consumer-friendly user interface. Users can easily search through the corporate directory and AirWatch Chat auto-populates suggested contacts based on entered characters.
  • Secure Messaging – End-to-end message level encryption, prevent data loss with: disable copy/paste, prevent use of camera, trusted device detection, and the ability to detect and wipe compromised devices.
  • IT Management and Auditing – Allows IT to manage, monitor, and assess usage for all users from a single console.


  • Device and User Security – Multi-factor authentication, policies, continuous monitoring, lock or wipe the device.
  • Application Security – Policies, app whitelists and blacklist, add apps securely using Airwatch SDK and App Wrapping.
  • Content Security – AirWatch Content Locker containerizes corporate content with FIPS-140 compliant 256-bit SSL encryption, location and time-based access, and printing restrictions.
  • Email Security – Admin can configure policies to prevent copy/paste and email forwarding. Attachments to be opened, viewed and stored securely in AirWatch Content Locker.
  • Network Security – Prevent unknown devices from connecting to corporate networks.

AirWatch® Multiuser Management

AirWatch® Multiuser Management helps organizations across all industries address the challenges of shared devices.

Manage and Secure Shared Devices – To prevent unauthorized access each user is authenticated before checking-out and using a device. When a user is done using a device, they check-in the device from the AirWatch Agent. All settings and features are removed, and the device is locked down and ready for the next user.

Configure Shared Devices – Devices can be configured through staged enrollment in which the same settings and features become available to every user or through dynamic enrollment in which the settings and features available are personalized to the user that checks-out the device.

4.  Mobile Content Management 

Mobile Content Management enables users to securely access company content from their mobile devices.

Airwatch Workspace provides complete separation of corporate and personal data on devices. It includes:

  • Email Container – AirWatch Inbox.
  • Application Containers – Develop apps with the AirWatch S/w Development Kit (SDK) or wrap already developed apps into a secure container with AirWatch App Wrapping.
  • Content Container – Distribution, access, file sync and collaboration of data with AirWatch Content Locker.
  • Browsing Container – Enable secure Internet browsing with AirWatch Browser.

AirWatch® Mobile Email Management

AirWatch® Mobile Email Management delivers comprehensive security for corporate email infrastructures.

  • Email Platform Integration – Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Office365/BPOS and Google Apps.
  • Proxy Model – Deploy the proxy model through the AirWatch Secure Email Gateway (SEG) for an additional layer of security.
  • AirWatch Inbox – Secure, containerized email client protected with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Enterprise-grade Security – Authentication with username and password, AES 256-bit encryption. Remote monitoring and configuration; Admin can push messages and remotely wipe email data.
  • Advanced Data Loss Prevention – Disable ability to copy and paste data outside of the AirWatch Inbox, attachments to be viewed in the AirWatch Content Locker, configure hyperlinks to only open in AirWatch Browser.

AirWatch® Mobile Browsing Management

Mobile Internet access provides a wealth of possibilities but it also poses security risks. MBM enables secure browsing.

  • Browsing Policies – Customize web browsing – whitelist IP addresses; define use policies for cookie acceptance, copy/paste, printing and capturing browsing history.
  • Mobile Access Gateway – AirWatch Mobile Access Gateway provides a single, secure point of entry using TLS/SSL and certificate-based authentication for all compliant devices to access enterprise services.
  • Browser Use Cases – AirWatch Browser ensures a secure browsing experience by providing different settings to fit each ownership type.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface – Intuitive user experience similar to native browsers.

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