vCloud Air: The Ready-to-Go Cloud Solution to Streamline Your Business Needs

May 21, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

VMware vCloud Air is a secure, hybrid cloud service operated by VMware, built on the trusted foundation of vSphere. The service supports existing workloads and third-party applications as well as new application development, giving IT a common platform to seamlessly extend their data center into the public cloud and remain in control.

What vCloud Air Can Do

vCloud Air is available in three Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) subscription service types – Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Disaster Recovery.

  • Seamlessly extend any application to a public cloud-based service with no changes
  • Migrate VMs on or off premises based on where the customer’s workload works best
  • Uses the same portal, management tools and network settings that customers have on-premises

Dedicated Cloud – vCloud Air is offered in three service offerings that include a base amount of expandable Compute, Storage, Networking, and a growing suite of add-on features. Customers can push software and applications into an easy-to-use cloud service that expands the customer’s environment into the Hybrid Cloud easier than ever.

Virtual Private Cloud – Logically isolated, the Virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenant cloud compute service with full private networking. Virtual Private Cloud is a cost-effective hybrid cloud solution that provides considerable performance, value, and expandability. Use cases include next-generation web and mobile applications, highly variable Test & Development workloads, and non-critical applications.

Disaster Recovery – A Recovery-as-a-Service solution that offers native cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities for VMware vSphere virtual environments with affordable and easy-to-use logically isolated VM-based disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery protects on-premises cloud infrastructure, providing self-service recovery options that fit customer needs.

A Brief Overview of Licensing Options for vCloud Air

The only thing that is required is on-premises vSphere licensing. vCloud Air is offered as a term-based subscription service. Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Disaster Recovery are separate service offerings and can be purchased individually. The subscriptions are offered in monthly and annual terms. Each service is expandable to meet the customer’s capacity needs as they grow and evolve.

vCloud Air Technical Aspects

How to choose between Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud:

Everything is provided in the core package which is needed to begin using your cloud, including compute (vRAM and vCPU), storage, bandwidth, and public IP address resources. The capacities for each core are listed below. VMware takes the guesswork out of budgeting for variable items such as built-in redundancy, high availability, firewalling, load balancing, NAT, DHCP, IPsec VPN, and disk I/O by offering them at no additional charge.

Here you can see the core compute, storage, and bandwidth for each offering. All the capacities listed are minimum, and all compute, storage & networking capacities can be increased.

If you would like to learn more about how vCloud Air can improve your business productivity, click the banner below and schedule a discussion with a SoftwareONE Technical Specialist.

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