Unified Endpoint Management with VMware AirWatch – Revolutionizing Enterprise Mobility

July 28, 2016
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Today’s mobile journey experience in enterprise IT is very predictable. Basic services such as email, WiFi, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are synonymous with mobility, but add productivity apps such as Microsoft Office editing, PDF annotation, file access, and role based apps like Salesforce automation, and things get a bit trickier as you then have to build custom apps to fill the gap. Although the journey to enterprise mobility is predictable from a conceptual standpoint, the execution itself is far less predictable.

Trends in the Enterprise Mobility Journey

As defined by Gartner, Enterprise Mobility Management suites “enable organizations to integrate and manage mobile devices in their IT infrastructures” by following the below high level functions for their users:

  • Provisioning: EMM suites configure devices and applications for enterprise deployment and use, manage updates, and assist with device upgrade and retirement.
  • Auditing: Tracking and reporting: EMM suites can track device inventories, settings and usage to verify compliance with enterprise policies and manage assets.
  • Enterprise data protection: EMM suites mitigate data loss, theft, employee termination or other incidents by adding controls for data encryption, data access rights, shared devices, application wrapping and containment, and device lockdown.
  • Support: EMM suites help IT departments troubleshoot mobile device problems through inventory, analytics and remote actions.

We all thought we’d be using tons of enterprise apps on mobile devices by now, but that has not occurred at the levels expected. This is largely because of concerns or confusion around security. Some early adopters used proprietary container solutions, but they have limited ecosystems. According to a recent Gartner survey, developers often have to spend 70 percent of their time aligning their back-end databases with the front-end application, making the “integration” about as much of a custom job as it would be if IT just built the app from the ground-up.

Furthermore, with the increasing “native containerization” in OS’s such as iOS Managed Apps, Android for Work, and Windows Enterprise Data Protection, more and more organizations are getting comfortable with native security, which then opens up the entire app ecosystem in the various app stores. The problem then is one of different passwords and logon requirements.

From Enterprise Mobility Management to Unified Endpoint Management

The next major trend influencing enterprise mobility is the move to managing both phones and tablets alongside desktops and laptops. The Windows 10 OS enables mobile management technologies to manage desktops and laptops – lightweight, over the air, lower IT resources, and better user experience. No more disk imaging and “Patch Tuesdays.” We call this the move from Enterprise Mobility Management to Unified Endpoint Management.

Unified Endpoint Management consolidates enterprise asides under the umbrella of many BYOD trends:

  • “Any device” – phone, tablet, laptop, desktop
  • “Any app” – native/mobile, SaaS/cloud, internal web, Windows
  • “Any IAM” – authentication and access control for these different types of apps

We see them all coming together into an emerging new market called “Digital Workspace”

The Modern Digital Workspace – VMware Workspace ONE

The traditional mobile journey now ends in the Digital Workspace and its OK if you’re not there today…stay on that journey, but keep Digital Workspace in the back of your mind as your final destination.

VMware Workspace ONE enables Any App on Any Device with SSO by leveraging AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management to manage and secure the devices and provide some key horizontal productivity apps to get your users started.

In fact, in May Gartner named VMware AirWatch the Leader of its Enterprise Mobility Management Magic Quadrant for the 6th consecutive year, and was also named the global market share leader in 2015 by IDC.

Check out our on-demand webinar to see how SoftwareONE and VMware AirWatch can reduce IT costs around endpoint management and drive user productivity by enabling “any app, any device”.

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