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Skype for Business Online Plan 2 standalone no longer available for purchase after July 1, 2019

May 9, 2019

Microsoft recently announced they will stop selling Skype for Business Online Plan 2 standalone offers as they support customers to transition to  Microsoft Teams. In August 2018, the publisher had already retired Skype for Business Plan 1 standalone offers. Customers who have already purchased the Plan 2 standalone will have access to the service until the […]

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Team Up with SoftwareONE: How to aggregate document libraries in Windows File Explorer

April 25, 2019

From Microsoft Teams to OneDrive for Business to SharePoint, we are now using a variety of tools that make collaboration and our work life a lot easier. Despite all these benefits it can be quite challenging to keep an overview of all your documents within these different tools. The solution? Windows File Explorer! In the […]

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Team Up with SoftwareONE: Co-authoring Made Easy with Microsoft Teams

April 24, 2019

Teamwork makes the dream work. But not without the right tools and features. In the second part of our new series “Team Up with SoftwareONE”  we explain how to efficiently collaborate on a document with multiple people within Microsoft Teams. Brainstorming on a new project, revising the budget or creating a new business strategy,– sooner […]

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Team Up with SoftwareONE: Sync Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business

April 23, 2019

In this 3-day Team Up with SoftwareONE blog series we provide practical and employee friendly tips on how to improve your business productivity and efficiency with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s platform of the future for project and team collaboration and communications! In our Microsoft Teams: Basics and Business Benefits blog post we cover […]

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The Future of Intelligent Communications – A Combination of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

December 8, 2017

This Fall, Microsoft opened the doors to its flagship conference, Microsoft Ignite, which brought us a week of networking, insights, and technical advancements. One of the more exciting announcements included the much speculated about integration of Skype for Business Online into Microsoft Teams. During his key note, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted a shift in […]

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