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Are You Prepared for Software Renewals?

June 26, 2018

Tracking, managing and optimizing software assets can cause major headaches for organizations and their IT, Software Asset Management (SAM), Procurement and Finance departments. A survey from Flexera highlighted that 93 percent of organizations reported spending money on shelfware (i.e. purchasing more software than is required). This misstep is easily done if organizations don’t have full […]

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Centralizing Software Entitlements with TrakIT

May 18, 2018

Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) is about governing and managing the entirety of your software supply chain be it on-premises or in the cloud from request  to retirement. When implemented effectively, SLM provides you the visibility into what you own (Entitlements), where it is installed (Inventory), and how well it is being used (Consumption) – what […]

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