The End of Autodesk Perpetual Licensing: What Are Your Options?

June 4, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

After January 31, 2016, new perpetual licenses of most individual Autodesk software will no longer be available for purchase. Existing perpetual licenses can continue to be used and kept up-to-date with an active Maintenance Subscription.

Desktop Subscription – Autodesk’s New Licensing Model

In place of the perpetual model for standalone products, Autodesk has created the Desktop Subscription, or term-based licensing model, which will be available in annual or quarterly subscription terms. Desktop Subscription follows the flexible, pay-as-you-go model commonly found with many software-as-a-service subscriptions. The graphic below differentiates each licensing model from a high-level:

Some Reasons to Choose Subscription

Pay-as-you-go ensures whether your projects are temporary or ongoing, you always keep software costs manageable and predictable. You pay only for the access you need, without an up-front investment or long-term commitment.

Up-to-date software allows you to stay competitive with the latest Autodesk technology. Desktop Subscription comes pre-packaged with the Basic support for upgrading to the latest version as well as access to technical support.

Scalable licensing for when your company grows, projects expand, and employees need instant access to the software they need.

Autodesk Licensing Factors to ConsiderConsider the below factors to determine whether you should purchase additional Perpetual Licenses before they’re no longer available, or if you should make the transition to Desktop Subscription:

  • You are a new or existing customer without Subscription or a small business where up-front cost is a strong consideration.
  • You are an existing Maintenance Subscription customer looking to grow or have identified long term, consistent requirements.
  • Your company allocates software purchases as capital expenses.
  • You want the option to attribute software costs to projects.
  • Your organization has cash constraints, has project and peak use needs, or hires temporary staff.
  • You are using a mix of products with and without Maintenance Subscription.
  • You are using network license infrastructure to share licenses.
  • Your company has global consultants that work outside the country for more than 90 days and require access to the software.

If any of these questions relate to your business needs, then click the banner below to discuss your Autodesk licensing strategy with a SoftwareONE Licensing Expert.

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