The Education Momentum Continues at Microsoft Inspire

July 12, 2017
Lawrence Schwartz


Lawrence Schwartz

CMO at SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE announced its enhanced ACADEMIC portal 2.0 on Monday July 10th during Microsoft Inspire and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Education industry had a lot of other great news during Inspire week as well. I had the pleasure of sitting in on two of the many sessions dedicated to the Education industry, including:

  • The FY18 Strategy & Priorities re: Education
  • Go-to-Market (GTM) with education: A new model for sales

Microsoft works with various education institutions to ensure that the students of today are empowered for tomorrow – giving students the tools they need to make it in a world that is constantly changing from high school to college to the workforce. Microsoft takes a four pronged approach to make sure students can be successful, including:

  • Helping communities and schools build education-focused learning environments, ensuring everyone can learn
  • A learning platform that is easy to use, affordable, and extensible
  • Creating products that students can use for communication and collaboration
  • Leaving room for creativity – too much structure can lead to a lack of enthusiasm

Above you can see the four pronged approach outlined and also speaker Anthony Salcito, VP WWPS, Education at Microsoft, talking about how this approach will help students navigate the changing workplace and how this affects the way students need to learn.

Long gone are the days of studying finance in undergrad and then staying in the finance sector for life. Instead Microsoft is focusing on K – Career rather than just K – 12 when it comes to education. Students learn how to network, forge new markets, work in teams, and work through various career types over a period of time.

At SoftwareONE we are excited that our ACADEMIC portal aligns with the current state, as well as the future state, goals that Microsoft has announced through FY20. Today, Microsoft is focused on driving Windows and Office, moving more students and universities to the cloud, and empowering educators across all entities. By FY20 the goals are ambitious but doable. Microsoft aims to:

  • Double O365 active users to ensure more than 33% of students on a global basis use Microsoft Cloud: related SoftwareONE Solution: Office 365 Education Replaces E1, E3 and E4: What You Need to Know.
  • Increase Windows 10 growth and be the leader in education device shipments; related SoftwareONE Solution: Students Receive Windows 10 Education Edition at No Additional Cost.
  • Create improved learning and research outcomes through Microsoft Cloud – in turn growing Azure revenue to over $450M; related SoftwareONE Solution: SoftwareONE is a proud partner in the Pan European Microsoft Cloud Agreement where Academic customers receive an additional 15% discount on Microsoft Azure services.

Of course lofty goals can’t be met without a plan. In tandem with leveraging analytics and inspiring today’s student via technology, Microsoft has also aligned its education initiatives with the rest of its sales workforce. This includes the areas of Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Apps & Infrastructure, and Data/AI in order to engage students, empower educators, optimize institutions, and transform learning – in other words digitally transform the education industry.

We work in lockstep with Microsoft via our ACADEMIC portal – visit us at to learn more.



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