Surface Pro 3 for the Education Industry

November 11, 2014
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Accompanying Microsoft’s push toward improving the productivity of healthcare professionals is its ambition to improve the lives of students and teachers.

The Surface Pro 3 (SP3) was designed for large scale organizational use, and as a Microsoft product, it comes equipped with business productivity applications to make thought-sharing seamless and intuitive. With these guiding principles forming the foundation of the Surface Pro 3’s design, it is no wonder why it is the premiere device for the Education sector.

Natural Writing Feel for Note Taking in Microsoft OneNote

The Surface Pro 3’s Stylus pen – which is included in all Surface Pro 3 purchases – is the most advanced digital inking device in combination with a complete productivity suite available. Rob Baker, IT Director for Cincinatti Country Day School (CCDS), discussed the Surface Pro 3’s impact to his school:

“Whether the students were typing, writing with the pen, using touch, reading, or any combination of these, the focus was on the task at hand, not the technology. Whenever everything you do can be digital, the collaboration, engagement, and creativity of students and teachers is amplified.”

At the click of the button located on the end of the stylus, users open OneNote for instant handwritten note taking which can be uploaded to the cloud. The benefits of utilizing OneNote in conjunction with Office 365 are undeniable:

  • Students have anytime access to classroom material
  • No more shuffling through folders, binders, and notebooks
  • Teachers and students can work alongside each other, remotely

“I’m trying to create the most powerful teaching and learning environment on the planet. I want to remove constraints, and the Surface Pro 3 lets us do that.” – Rob Baker

As one student from Williston Northampton School illustrates regarding the responsiveness of the screen, “I wouldn’t expect the Surface to respond so quickly, it honestly is like oil paint on canvas. It is exactly like writing on paper with the smoothest pen imaginable.”

Improving the Teaching Experience

Imagine this scenario: a student submits a handwritten essay. Instead of going through the process of printing, handing in, and waiting for the teacher’s feedback, the student can submit his essay from home, and the teacher can provide her feedback to the student in real time.

As illustrated in the below video, teachers can observe students working on a particular project, again in real time. This helps the teacher better understand if the student truly grasps the concept, and if he or she doesn’t, then the teacher can conduct a 1-to-1 conference with the student instead of singling them out in class.

Overheads, chalkboards, whiteboards – all a thing of the past! With accessories like the Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro – Education Edition, teachers can wirelessly project from their Surface to any other surface in the classroom. Yet another example of real-time communication between teacher and student.

Powerful Specs for Innovative Work

The Surface Pro 3 packs a full CPU, further cementing it as the tablet that can replace your laptop. Teachers and students can carry their Surface with them all day with its 9 hour battery life. The 12.1 inch, 3:2 display provides plenty of real estate for long-form reading or utilizing multiple applications simultaneously. Lastly, the Windows 8.1 OS alongside the Office suite gives students and teachers the familiarity they need to be instantly productive.

As part of Microsoft’s perpetual commitment to improving education productivity, several institutions qualify for the Surface for Education Program, including school districts, colleges, universities, K-12 public and private schools, and more. As a Microsoft Authorized Device Reseller, SoftwareONE can offer 3 device types at 10% off:

In 1996, CCDS was the nation’s first school to go to a 1:1 program, meaning each student had their own computer or tablet throughout their education. CCDS continues to innovate by hosting their annual 3 day Tablets in Education conference, wherein innovative education professionals gather to learn, observe, and experience the impact a tablet device can make to their curriculum. Join CCDS and other innovative institutions in making your classrooms more fun and productive.

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