SoftwareONE Webinar: Planning for Oracle Java – January 2019 & Beyond

October 11, 2018
Christopher Rozzi


Christopher Rozzi

SoftwareONE will host a webinar on Thursday, October 18th, at 1:00 p.m. CT, to discuss the recent changes to Java. Register today to learn how Oracle Java is licensed (now subscribed), delivered, and supported.

Eric Guyer, practice lead at SoftwareONE US, will lead the webinar and discuss:

  • Is Java still free? If and when it is no longer free in what case should customers look to subscribe to Java?
  • What is occurring in January 2019 and how will Java be different?
  • How do customers determine if (and how much) Java to subscribe to?
  • What is Oracle’s new release strategy and how can customers ensure they remain current?
  • What is Open JDK and how will it benefit your organization?
  • Does Oracle audit Java and how?

CxOs should plan to join for the first few minutes then drop as we move into the more technical and procurement-related concepts. We’ll cover a brief history of Oracle, an overview of Java and how SoftwareONE may assist customers in choosing the best option for their future.

Register today for the upcoming webinar and SoftwareONE is also available to guide you via the best options to manage your Oracle Java footprint to make the optimal decision for your environment.

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