SoftwareONE Uncovers the Current and Future State of the Cloud

May 23, 2018
Lawrence Schwartz


Lawrence Schwartz

CMO at SoftwareONE

More than 300 C-level and IT decision-makers recently weighed in on where their organizations plan to take their cloud strategy in the future. SoftwareONE compiled and analyzed the findings, and over the course of the next few weeks we will share them with you via the SoftwareONE blog. You can also visit here for a full copy of the report and here for the press release.

The survey, “Managing and Understanding On-Premises and Cloud Spend,” covered four main topic areas:

  • The myth of the cloud
  • Cloud management remains a priority and a challenge
  • On-premises is here to stay
  • The hybrid approach

For today’s blog we’ll take a look at how the actual state of the cloud stacks up against the perceived state of the cloud.

One of the main benefits often touted about the cloud is that it is cheaper and easier to manage. However, as we found out through our recent survey, more than one third of survey respondents feel that one of the biggest hurdles in managing the cloud is the unpredictability around costs, and another 30 percent found lack of transparency and visibility by end-user to be another main pain point in moving to the cloud.

Cloud Myth

Visibility concerns continue when it comes to budgeting for the cloud between C-level and the IT decision-maker. Those at the C-level have much more confidence in what the cloud can do for their organization both today and throughout 2018, and therefore allocate a higher percentage of the overall IT budget towards the cloud.

C level budget

We are excited to share out the results of this report with you. You can download the full report here. If you have any questions about the report be sure to reach out to us, and next week we will look at how on-premises and hybrid fared in our findings.



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